85 Bible Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో బైబిల్ పేర్లు [Boy & Girl]

Embark on a spiritual journey with our curated list of 85 Bible names in Telugu (తెలుగులో బైబిల్ పేర్లు)

These names, rich in heritage and meaning, connect you to the profound narratives of the Bible.

Perfect for your little angels, each name carries a story of faith, resilience, and grace.

Dive into this treasure trove and find a name that resonates with your family’s beliefs and culture.

85 Bible Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో బైబిల్ పేర్లు

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and faith in our extensive collection of 85 Bible names in Telugu.

From the timeless tales of ‘అబ్రహాం‘ to the enduring strength of ‘మరియమ్మ‘, each name is a window into the rich tapestry of biblical history and Telugu culture.

Whether seeking a name for your newborn or exploring the depths of biblical names, our list is an invaluable guide for parents and enthusiasts alike.

Bible Names For Boy In Telugu | తెలుగులో అబ్బాయికి బైబిల్ పేర్లు

Step into the realm of divine inspiration with our selection of Bible names for boys in Telugu (తెలుగులో అబ్బాయికి బైబిల్ పేర్లు).

Each name is a beacon of the virtues and stories from the scriptures, offering a meaningful legacy for your son.

Embrace a name that carries with it wisdom, courage, and a spiritual lineage.

Here’s the list of boy names in a tabular form with their English meanings:

Bible Names For BoyMeaning
అబ్రహాం (Abraham)Father of Nations
మోషే (Moses)Drawn Out
దావీదు (David)Beloved
సొలొమోను (Solomon)Peaceful
యోసేఫు (Joseph)God Will Increase
యోనా (Jonah)Dove
ఏలీయ (Elijah)My God is Yahweh
ఎలీషా (Elisha)God is Salvation
సమువేలు (Samuel)Heard by God
యెషయా (Isaiah)Salvation of Yahweh
యెరేమియా (Jeremiah)Yahweh Will Uplift
దానియేలు (Daniel)God is My Judge
హోషేయ (Hosea)Salvation
యోవేలు (Joel)Yahweh is God
ఆమోసు (Amos)Burden Bearer
ఓబద్యా (Obadiah)Servant of Yahweh
యోనా (Jonah)Dove
మీఖా (Micah)Who is Like Yahweh
నహూము (Nahum)Comforter
హబక్కూకు (Habakkuk)Embrace
జెఫన్యా (Zephaniah)Yahweh Has Hidden
హగ్గయి (Haggai)Festive
జెకర్యా (Zechariah)Yahweh Remembers
మలాకీ (Malachi)My Messenger
పేతురు (Peter)Rock
యోహాను (John)God is Gracious
పౌలు (Paul)Small
తిమోతి (Timothy)Honoring God
తీతు (Titus)Honorable
ఫిలేమోను (Philemon)Loving
యాకోబు (Jacob)Supplanter
ఏసావు (Esau)Hairy
సీమోను (Simon)He Who Hears
బార్తొలొమయు (Bartholomew)Son of Talmai
థామా (Thomas)Twin
మత్తయి (Matthew)Gift of Yahweh
మార్కు (Mark)Warlike
లూకా (Luke)Light
స్తెఫను (Stephen)Crown
ఫిలిప్పు (Philip)Lover of Horses
అంద్రేయ (Andrew)Manly
యూదా (Judas)Praise
బర్నబా (Barnabas)Son of Encouragement

Bible Names For Girl In Telugu | తెలుగులో అమ్మాయికి బైబిల్ పేర్లు

Grace your daughter with a name of biblical beauty with our collection of Bible names for girls in Telugu (తెలుగులో అమ్మాయికి బైబిల్ పేర్లు).

These names are not just melodic but steeped in rich narratives and virtues, perfect for a life filled with faith and inspiration.

Choose a name that reflects the profound grace and strength found in the stories of the Bible.

Here’s the list of girl names in a tabular form with their English meanings:

Bible Names For GirlMeaning
మరియమ్ (Mary)Bitterness
ఎస్తేరు (Esther)Star
రూతు (Ruth)Companion, Friend
డెబోరా (Deborah)Bee
సారా (Sarah)Princess
రాహేలు (Rachel)Ewe (a female sheep)
రెబెక్కా (Rebecca)To Bind, To Tie
లేయ (Leah)Weary
హన్నా (Hannah)Grace, Favor
ఎలిజబెత్ (Elizabeth)God is My Oath
మగ్దలీనా (Magdalene)From Magdala
నాయోమీ (Naomi)Pleasantness
అబిగైల్ (Abigail)Father’s Joy
మిరియమ్ (Miriam)Bitterness
దీనా (Dinah)Judged, Vindicated
రహబ్ (Rahab)Large
డెలీలా (Delilah)Delicate, Weak
తామార్ (Tamar)Palm Tree
లిడియా (Lydia)Woman from Lydia (a region)
ఫోయిబే (Phoebe)Bright, Radiant
దోర్కాస్ (Dorcas)Gazelle
సిల్లా (Priscilla)Ancient, Venerable
జూనియా (Junia)Youthful
యూనిస్ (Eunice)Good Victory
లోయిస్ (Lois)Desirable
సూసన్నా (Susanna)Lily
తబితా (Tabitha)Gazelle
ఎవొదియా (Euodia)Good Journey
సింత్యే (Syntyche)Lucky
పెనీనా (Peninnah)Coral, Precious Stone
షిఫ్రా (Shiphrah)Beauty, Brightness
పూయా (Puah)Splendid
జోకెబెద్ (Jochebed)Glory of the Lord
హుల్దా (Huldah)Weasel
కందాకే (Candace)Queen Mother
జెయిల్ (Jael)Mountain Goat
సిల్లా (Sela)Rock
ఎలీషబాత్ (Elisheba)God is Her Oath
అతల్యా (Athaliah)Afflicted by God

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In this compilation of 85 Bible names in Telugu తెలుగులో బైబిల్ పేర్లు, we’ve explored a rich tapestry of names with deep historical and spiritual significance.

These names, both for boys and girls, reflect the diversity and timeless beauty found in the Bible.

From names like Abraham and Mary to Deborah and Solomon, each name carries a unique meaning and story.

Whether you seek inspiration for naming a child or simply wish to appreciate the cultural and linguistic diversity of biblical names, this list serves as a valuable resource.

These names continue to resonate with people of various backgrounds, connecting them to the profound narratives and enduring wisdom of the Bible.