45 Bible Names For Baby Girl In Telugu | తెలుగులో ఆడపిల్ల కోసం బైబిల్ పేర్లు

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a significant decision. It’s a gift that she will carry throughout her life.

In Telugu culture, names are more than just identifiers; they are a reflection of heritage, culture, and often, religious beliefs.

The Bible, a timeless source of inspiration, offers a plethora of beautiful and meaningful names.

Bible Names For Baby Girl In Telugu | తెలుగులో ఆడపిల్ల కోసం బైబిల్ పేర్లు

When selecting a name for your daughter, consider factors like meaning, pronunciation, and the cultural and familial significance.

Tradition plays a crucial role, especially in Telugu culture, where names often reflect family history and values.

Here are 45 biblical names, each with a unique charm and significance:

Bible Names For Girl In TeluguMeaning
Abigail (అబిగైల్)Father’s Joy
Anna (అన్నా)Grace
Bethany (బెతానీ)House of Figs
Chloe (క్లోయి)Blooming
Deborah (డెబోరా)Bee
Elizabeth (ఎలిజబెత్)God is Abundance
Esther (ఎస్తేర్)Star
Eve (ఈవ్)Life
Hannah (హన్నా)Grace
Joanna (జోయాన్నా)God is Gracious
Leah (లేయా)Weary
Lydia (లిడియా)Woman from Lydia
Mary (మేరీ)Beloved
Naomi (నయోమి)Pleasant
Phoebe (ఫీబీ)Radiant
Rachel (రాహేల్)Ewe
Rebecca (రిబెక్కా)To Tie
Ruth (రూత్)Companion
Sarah (సారా)Princess
Tabitha (తబితా)Gazelle
Tirzah (తిర్జా)Delight
Zipporah (జిప్పోరా)Bird
Miriam (మిరియం)Wished-for Child
Martha (మార్తా)Lady
Magdalene (మగ్దలేన్)From Magdala
Keziah (కెజియా)Cassia Tree
Jemima (జెమిమా)Dove
Dinah (దినా)Judged
Delilah (డెలీలా)Delicate
Bathsheba (బత్షేబా)Daughter of Oath
Ariel (ఏరియల్)Lion of God
Atarah (అతరా)Crown
Bernice (బెర్నీస్)Bringer of Victory
Candace (కాండేస్)Pure
Drusilla (డ్రుసిల్లా)Dewy-Eyed
Eunice (యూనిస్)Good Victory
Hadassah (హదస్సా)Myrtle Tree
Keturah (కేతూరా)Incense
Lois (లోయిస్)Better
Priscilla (ప్రిసిల్లా)Ancient
Rhoda (రోడా)Rose
Salome (సలోమే)Peace
Sapphira (సఫీరా)Beautiful
Susanna (సుసన్నా)Lily
Tamar (తామార్)Palm Tree

Meaning Behind the Names Each of these names carries a story and a meaning. For instance, “Abigail” signifies the joy of a father, while “Hannah” represents grace.

Popularity and Trends While some names remain evergreen, others gain popularity over time. It’s fascinating to see how biblical names have evolved and been embraced in different cultures, including Telugu.

Incorporating Telugu Culture In Telugu, the pronunciation and spelling of these names might slightly vary, blending the biblical essence with local linguistic nuances.

Celebrating Heritage These names are not just biblical; they are a bridge between the rich Telugu culture and the profound narratives of the Bible.

Modern Considerations In today’s global village, choosing a biblical name can reflect a blend of traditional values and modern outlooks.

Personal Stories Many parents share heartfelt stories about choosing these names, highlighting their impact on their child’s identity.

Expert Opinions Linguists, theologians, and cultural analysts provide insights into the significance of these names in contemporary society.

Naming Ceremonies in Telugu Culture Naming ceremonies in Telugu culture are a blend of tradition and modernity, where these biblical names are often celebrated.

Resources for Parents There are various resources available for parents, from books to online forums, offering guidance in the naming process.


Choosing a biblical name for your baby girl in Telugu is a beautiful way to honor your faith, culture, and heritage.

These names carry profound meanings, stories, and a timeless appeal.