55 Telugu Nicknames For Boy Bestie | అబ్బాయి బెస్టీకి తెలుగు ముద్దుపేర్లు

Nicknames are a sweet staple in Telugu culture, often carrying deep emotional significance.

They are not just casual labels, but tokens of affection that can strengthen the bonds between friends and family.

In this article, we’ll explore 55 Telugu nicknames that you can use for your boy bestie (అబ్బాయి బెస్టీకి తెలుగు ముద్దుపేర్లు), each with its unique flavor and cultural richness.

Telugu Nicknames For Boy Bestie | అబ్బాయి బెస్టీకి తెలుగు ముద్దుపేర్లు

Finding the right nickname for your best friend is a joyful quest.

It’s about encapsulating the essence of your friendship in a word or two.

Here, we’ll list 55 Telugu nicknames that range from endearing to funny, each perfect for that special someone who means the world to you.

Telugu Nicknames For Guy Bestie | అబ్బాయి బెస్టీకి తెలుగు ముద్దుపేర్లు

These nicknames are drenched in affection and are perfect for a best friend who’s always there for you.

“Chinni,” meaning little one, or “Bujji,” a term of endearment, could be the names you’re looking for.

Chinni (చిన్ని) – Little one

Bujji (బుజ్జి) – Term of endearment

Chinnodu (చిన్నోడు) – Younger one

Bangaram (బంగారం) – Gold, precious

Muddu (ముద్దు) – Lovely, adorable

Pillodu (పిల్లోడు) – Young child

Chandu (చందు) – Moon, lovely

Gundu (గుండు) – Round, cute

Chinna (చిన్న) – Small

Thammudu (తమ్ముడు) – Younger brother

Nicknames For Boy Bestie In TeluguMeaning
Chinna (చిన్న)Little one
Babu (బాబు)Gentleman
Bujji (బుజ్జి)Little kid
Chinnodu (చిన్నోడు)Younger one
Gopi (గోపి)Cowherd
Guddu (గుడ్డు)Egg
Surya (సూర్య)Sun
Chintu (చింటూ)Small
Teja (తేజ)Radiance
Raja (రాజా)King

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Funny and Quirky Telugu Nicknames | తమాషా మరియు చమత్కారమైన తెలుగు మారుపేర్లు

If your bestie is the one who always cracks you up, why not pick a nickname that’s as humorous as they are?

“Sannasi,” a playful term for a monk, could be a humorous take if your friend is wise beyond their years.

Sannasi (సన్యాసి) – A playful term for a monk

Gadusu (గడుసు) – Tough guy

Nalupu (నలుపు) – Black, for a dark-complexioned friend

Bokkala (బొక్కల) – Comic term for a tall person

Nakka (నక్క) – Fox, for a cunning friend

Soda Buddi (సోదా బుద్ది) – Soda brain, for someone with fizzy ideas

Bheemudu (భీముడు) – Referring to the strong Pandava brother

Gajodu (గజోడు) – Elephant-like, for a big and strong friend

Pitta (పిట్ట) – Bird, for a lively person

Kokiludu (కోకిలుడు) – Cuckoo, for a melodious singer

Lucky (లక్కీ)Fortunate
Rocky (రాకీ)Rock solid
Chinna Thammudu (చిన్న తమ్ముడు)Younger brother
Pawan (పవన్)Wind
Prem (ప్రేమ)Love
Srinu (శ్రీను)Short for Srinivas
Bheem (భీమ్)Strong, Mighty
Chaitu (చైతు)Short for Chaitanya
Bunny (బన్ని)Endearing term

Telugu Nicknames Inspired by Nature | ప్రకృతి స్ఫూర్తితో తెలుగు మారుపేర్లు

For the friend who loves the outdoors, nicknames like “Chandu,” derived from the moon, or “Surya,” inspired by the sun, could be the perfect fit.

Chandu (చందు) – Moon

Surya (సూర్య) – Sun

Megham (మేఘం) – Cloud

Vennela (వెన్నెల) – Moonlight

Pawan (పవన్) – Wind

Nagendra (నాగేంద్ర) – Mountain, lord of mountains

Akash (ఆకాశ్) – Sky

Tarun (తరుణ్) – Young, like the early morning sun

Vihar (విహార్) – Roaming, like the wind

Nadhi (నది) – River

Prince (ప్రిన్స్)Royal son
Siddu (సిద్దు)Achieved
Charan (చరణ్)Foot, also a common name
Nani (నాని)Endearing term
Arjun (అర్జున్)Bright or Shining
Kiran (కిరణ్)Ray of light
Santu (శాంతు)Peaceful
Chotu (చోటు)Small one
Pintu (పింటు)Small boy
Vicky (విక్కీ)Conqueror
Sonu (సోను)Gold
Hari (హరి)God Vishnu
Chinni (చిన్ని)Small

Nicknames Based on Personality | వ్యక్తిత్వం ఆధారంగా మారుపేర్లు

Is your best friend bold and brave? Then “Simham,” meaning lion, might be just the nickname for him.

Simham (సింహం) – Lion, for someone brave

Chaturudu (చతురుడు) – Clever

Prasanth (ప్రశాంత్) – Calm and composed

Dhairya (ధైర్య) – Courageous

Veerudu (వీరుడు) – Heroic

Medhavi (మేధావి) – Intelligent

Sahasra (సహస్ర) – Adventurous, brave

Nirbhay (నిర్భయ) – Fearless

Raju (రాజు)King
Shiva (శివ)Lord Shiva
Sam (సామ్)Short for Samuel
Ram (రామ్)Lord Rama
Krishna (కృష్ణ)Lord Krishna
Sai (సాయి)Divine
Gautham (గౌతమ్)Wiseman
Mani (మణి)Gem
Chiru (చిరు)Small
Sunny (సన్నీ)Sunny
Manu (మను)Original man in Hinduism
Nitin (నితిన్)Moral
Varun (వరుణ్)Rain god
Rahul (రాహుల్)Efficient


Finding the perfect Telugu nickname for your boy bestie (అబ్బాయి బెస్టీకి తెలుగు ముద్దుపేర్లు) is an act of love and creativity.

It’s a fun way to show your friend how much they mean to you and to celebrate your unique bond.

Pawan (పవన్)Wind
Tarun (తరుణ్)Young
Vikas (వికాస్)Development
Anil (అనిల్)Wind god
Karthik (కార్తిక్)A month in Hindu calendar
Ganesh (గణేష్)Lord of hosts
Suman (సుమన్)Well-disposed
Anand (ఆనంద్)Bliss
Venky (వెంకీ)Short for Venkateswara
Ajay (అజయ్)Unconquered
Akhil (అఖిల్)Whole
Amit (అమిత్)Infinite
Ankit (అంకిత్)Marked
Aravind (అరవింద్)Lotus
Ashok (అశోక్)Without sorrow
Bala (బాల)Young
Bandi (బండి)Chariot
Chakri (చక్రి)Wheel
Dinesh (దినేష్)Sun god
Hemanth (హేమంత్)Gold
Jagan (జగన్)Universe

These nicknames are a blend of traditional, modern, affectionate, and playful terms that can suit different personalities and relationships.

They reflect a variety of qualities and attributes, making them suitable for a boy bestie with any type of character or charm.

Kalyan (కల్యాణ్)Welfare
Lohith (లోహిత్)Red, Ruby
Mahesh (మహేష్)Great ruler
Naresh (నరేష్)King of men
Nikhil (నిఖిల్)Complete
Omkar (ఓంకార్)Symbol of divinity
Pranav (ప్రణవ్)Sacred syllable ‘Om’
Ramesh (రమేష్)Preserver god
Sathish (సతీష్)Truthful
Vamshi (వంశీ)Flute of Lord Krishna
Yash (యష్)Fame

When crafting a nickname, consider the sounds and syllables of Telugu language that are pleasing to the ear. The process is as creative as it is cultural.

To create a nickname that sticks and is loved, personalize it.

Avoid common mistakes like choosing a name that’s hard to pronounce or that might have negative connotations.