105 Telugu Goddess Names For Baby Girl | ఆడ శిశువుకు తెలుగు దేవత పేర్లు

Choosing a name for a baby girl is an act of profound significance in Telugu culture, and many parents look to the divine feminine in Hindu mythology for inspiration.

The names of goddesses (ఆడ శిశువుకు తెలుగు దేవత పేర్లు) are particularly favored for they carry with them not just identity, but also blessings, virtues, and tales of divine power and grace.

Here, we explore the wealth of options available for those seeking a name drawn from the divine for their daughters.

Telugu Goddess Names For Baby Girl | ఆడ శిశువుకు తెలుగు దేవత పేర్లు

In Telugu society, naming a child after a goddess is more than a nod to tradition; it’s a way of intertwining the child’s identity with time-honored values and stories.

These names are not just labels but are imbued with wishes for prosperity, wisdom, and strength—attributes of the goddesses they represent.

Goddess Lakshmi Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో లక్ష్మీ దేవత పేర్లు

Goddess Lakshmi (తెలుగులో లక్ష్మీ దేవత పేర్లు), revered as the deity of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, is a central figure in Telugu culture.

Names inspired by Lakshmi are imbued with the hopes of abundance and success.

They resonate with the desire for financial stability and the grace of the goddess to oversee the wellbeing of the family.

Goddess Lakshmi NamesMeaning
Padma (పద్మ)Lotus, associated with Goddess Lakshmi
Harini (హరిణి)Dear to Hari (Vishnu), another name for Lakshmi
Sravya (శ్రావ్య)Pleasing, beautiful like Goddess Lakshmi
Dhanya (ధన్య)Fortunate or great
Laxita (లక్షిత)Distinguished, marked by the goddess of fortune
Aishwarya (ఐశ్వర్య)Wealth, prosperity
Prachi (ప్రాచీ)East, a direction associated with prosperity
Sreeya (శ్రీయ)Fortune, another name for Lakshmi
Vara (వర)Boon, blessing
Haripriya (హరిప్రియ)Beloved of Vishnu
Shreela (శ్రీల)Fortunate, another name for Lakshmi
Bhargavi (భార్గవి)Bright, descendant of Bhrigu, another name for Lakshmi
Divija (దివిజ)Born in heaven, divine
Kanaka (కనక)Gold, precious, another name for Lakshmi
Tanvi (తన్వి)Slender, delicate, another name for Lakshmi

Goddess Durga Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో దుర్గా దేవత పేర్లు

The names of Goddess Durga (తెలుగులో దుర్గా దేవత పేర్లు) in Telugu culture symbolize protection, strength, and the triumph of good over evil.

Durga, as a warrior goddess, is celebrated for her powerful essence, and her names are chosen to endow courage and valor upon the bearer, reflecting the fierce spirit of the goddess.

Goddess Durga NamesMeaning
Aparajita (అపరాజిత)Undefeated, a name for Durga
Shakti (శక్తి)Power, a name for Durga
Bhavani (భవాని)The abode of the universe, a name for Durga
Chandika (చండిక)Fierce, a name for Durga
Ambika (అంబిక)Mother, a name for Durga

Kali (కాళి)Black, a powerful form of Durga
Gauri (గౌరి)Fair, a name for Durga
Durga (దుర్గా)Inaccessible, a name for the goddess
Kaushiki (కౌశికి)One who resides in the mountains, a name for Durga
Siddhi (సిద్ధి)Perfection, a supernatural ability
Vijaya (విజయ)Victory, a name for Durga
Jayanti (జయంతి)Victorious, another name for Durga
Aadya (ఆద్య)The initial reality, a name for Durga
Trinetra (త్రినేత్ర)Three-eyed, a name for Durga
Raudri (రౌద్రి)Furious, a name for Durga

Goddess Parvati Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో పార్వతి దేవి పేర్లు

Goddess Parvati (తెలుగులో పార్వతి దేవి పేర్లు) represents love, fertility, and devotion.

Names derived from Parvati are often chosen for their connotations of beauty, virtue, and marital happiness.

They are a tribute to the goddess’s nurturing nature and her role as the consort of Lord Shiva.

Goddess Parvati NamesMeaning
Girija (గిరిజ)Daughter of the mountain
Aanya (ఆన్య)Inexhaustible, another name for Parvati
Shivakari (శివకారి)Source of auspicious things
Gauri (గౌరి)Fair, another name for Parvati
Annapurna (అన్నపూర్ణ)Giver of food and nourishment
Aparna (అపర్ణ)Leafless, one who doesn’t need leaves for sustenance
Hemavati (హేమావతి)Golden Parvati
Lalita (లలిత)She who plays
Meenakshi (మీనాక్షి)One with fish-shaped eyes
Parvati (పార్వతి)Daughter of the mountains
Sati (సతి)True, another name for Parvati
Uma (ఉమ)Light, tranquility
Dakshayani (దక్షయాణి)Daughter of Daksha
Kali (కాళి)The black one, a fierce form of Parvati
Bhavani (భవాని)Giver of life, another name for Parvati

Goddess Lalitha Devi Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో లలితా దేవి పేర్లు

Goddess Lalitha Devi (తెలుగులో లలితా దేవి పేర్లు), an embodiment of beauty and grace, is often associated with playfulness and benevolence.

Names inspired by Lalitha Devi carry the elegance and charm of the goddess, often signifying the beauty of life and the joyfulness of the divine feminine.

Goddess Lalitha Devi NamesMeaning
Lalitha (లలిత)Playful, charming
Tripura (త్రిపుర)The three cities, another name for Lalitha
Bhanu (భాను)Sun, brightness
Sundari (సుందరి)Beautiful, another name for Lalitha
Chaitra (చైత్ర)First month of the Telugu calendar, signifying new beginnings
Kameshwari (కామేశ్వరి)The goddess of desire
Sowmya (సౌమ్య)Calm, another name for Lalitha
Madhavi (మాధవి)Sweet, honey-like
Ananda (ఆనంద)Bliss, happiness
Bhuvana (భువన)The earth, another name for Lalitha
Samrajya (సామ్రాజ్య)Empire, sovereignty
Lalita (లలితాంబ)Mother Lalitha
Rajani (రజని)Night, another name for Lalitha
Chandi (చండి)The fierce, another name for Lalitha
Vidya (విద్య)Knowledge, wisdom

Goddess Saraswati Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో సరస్వతి దేవత పేర్లు

Goddess Saraswati (తెలుగులో సరస్వతి దేవత పేర్లు) is synonymous with wisdom, learning, and the arts. Her names are chosen to bestow intellectual prowess and artistic talent.

Saraswati’s influence is sought to guide individuals towards enlightenment and the mastery of various disciplines.

Goddess Saraswati NamesMeaning
Pragnya (ప్రజ్ఞ)Wisdom, intelligence
Vidyadayini (విద్యాదాయిని)Granter of knowledge
Buddhi (బుద్ధి)Intelligence, wisdom
Sarsija (సరసిజ)Lotus-born, another name for Saraswati
Mahavidya (మహావిద్య)Great knowledge
Vidyanidhi (విద్యానిధి)Treasure of knowledge
Kavita (కవిత)Poetry, relating to the creative arts
Sangeeta (సంగీత)Music, relating to the musical arts
Medhini (మేధిని)Intelligent, another name for Saraswati
Veena (వీణ)A musical instrument, symbolic of Saraswati
Kalaivani (కళావాణి)Goddess of arts
Pratibha (ప్రతిభ)Brilliance, shining forth
Svaha (స్వహా)The concluding part of a mantra
Rishika (ఋషిక)Sage, inspired wisdom
Sarasvati (సరస్వతి)The flowing one, epitome of wisdom

Goddess Padmavathi Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో పద్మావతి దేవత పేర్లు

Goddess Padmavathi (తెలుగులో పద్మావతి దేవత పేర్లు) is another incarnation of Lakshmi and is associated with purity and divine love.

Names inspired by Padmavathi are rich with meanings of purity, love, and divine grace, and they carry the essence of traditional values and cultural depth.

Goddess Padmavati NamesMeaning
Padmalaya (పద్మాలయ)Residing in a lotus
Kamala (కమల)Lotus, another name for Padmavathi
Alamelu (అలమేలు)Derived from Alamelu Manga, another name for Padmavathi
Padmaroopa (పద్మరూప)Lotus-shaped
Sreedevi (శ్రీదేవి)Goddess of wealth, another name for Padmavathi
Padmasundari (పద్మసుందరి)Beautiful like a lotus
Padmakshi (పద్మాక్షి)Lotus-eyed
Padmamukhi (పద్మముఖి)Lotus-faced
Padmahasta (పద్మహస్త)Having lotus-like hands
Padmaja (పద్మజ)Born from a lotus, another name for Padmavathi
Padmavasa (పద్మవాస)One who resides in a lotus
Padmanabha Priya (పద్మనాభ ప్రియ)Beloved of Padmanabha (Vishnu)
Lokamatha (లోకమాత)Mother of the world
Padmini (పద్మిని)Lotus pond
Padmagandhini (పద్మగంధిని)Having the fragrance of a lotus

Goddess Ganga Names In Telugu | తెలుగులో గంగా దేవత పేర్లు

The Ganga (తెలుగులో గంగా దేవత పేర్లు) is not only a river but also a goddess esteemed for her purifying and nourishing properties.

Names derived from Goddess Ganga are deeply spiritual, symbolizing purity, sanctity, and the life-giving aspects of nature, as well as the flow of divine blessings.

Goddess Ganga NamesMeaning
Jahnavi (జాహ్నవి)Daughter of Jahnu, another name for Ganga
Bhagirathi (భాగీరథి)Relating to King Bhagiratha, who brought her to earth
Alaknanda (అలక్నంద)A tributary of Ganga, pure
Mandakini (మందాకిని)A river in heaven, associated with Ganga
Tripathaga (త్రిపథగ)Flowing in three worlds
Gangeya (గంగేయ)Daughter of the mountain, another name for Ganga
Sursari (సురసరి)Celestial river
Devanadi (దేవనది)Divine river
Vishnupadi (విష్ణుపాది)Emanating from the feet of Vishnu
Akashaganga (ఆకాశగంగ)The Ganga of the sky
Haripriya (హరిప్రియ)Beloved of Hari (Vishnu), another name for Ganga
Jeevanadhi (జీవనది)River of life
Niranjana (నిరంజన)Pure, another name for Ganga
Sagara Kanya (సాగర కన్య)Daughter of the ocean
Shambavi (శాంభవి)Daughter of Shambhu (Shiva), another name for Ganga


In conclusion, the exploration of Telugu goddess names (తెలుగు దేవత పేర్లు) reveals a profound connection between culture, spirituality, and identity.

Each set of names, inspired by deities like Lakshmi, Durga, Parvati, Lalitha Devi, Saraswati, Padmavathi, and Ganga, holds deep symbolic meanings and reflects a rich tapestry of beliefs and values.

These names are not just personal identifiers but are imbued with wishes for prosperity, wisdom, strength, purity, and divine grace.

They embody the virtues and stories of the goddesses they represent, offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage and spiritual aspirations of Telugu-speaking communities.