105 Telugu Muslim Names | తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు [2024]

Choosing a name for your newborn is a significant and cherished tradition, reflecting cultural heritage and personal values.

Telugu Muslim names (తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు), with their beautiful meanings and rich historical significance, offer a blend of linguistic charm and Islamic tradition.

This article provides a curated list of Telugu Muslim names, categorized to help you find the perfect name for your child, whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, or universally appealing.

Telugu Muslim Names | తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు

Telugu Muslim names (తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు) are known for their deep meanings, historical significance, and poetic beauty.

These names are carefully chosen to reflect virtues, qualities, and the rich cultural heritage of Islam.

From traditional to contemporary, this list offers a wide range of options for families seeking meaningful names for their children.

Aariz (ఆరిజ్)Respectable man, Intelligent
Bariq (బారిక్)Bright
Cemal (జెమాల్)Beauty
Danyal (దన్యాల్)Prophet’s name
Ehan (ఏహాన్)Full moon
Faizan (ఫైజాన్)Grace, Favour
Ghazi (గాజీ)Warrior
Hadi (హాది)Guiding to the right
Irfan (ఇర్ఫాన్)Knowledge, Wisdom
Jaleel (జలీల్)Great, Revered
Kamil (కమిల్)Perfect
Luqman (లుక్మాన్)Wise, a prophet’s name
Muneer (మునీర్)Luminous, Bright
Nabeel (నబీల్)Noble
Omair (ఓమైర్)Intelligent
Parvez (పర్వేజ్)Success
Qadir (కాదిర్)Powerful
Raheem (రహీమ్)Merciful
Saqib (సకీబ్)Bright Star
Tahir (తాహిర్)Pure, Clean
Uzair (ఉజైర్)Name of a prophet
Vahid (వాహిద్)Unique
Waleed (వలీద్)Newborn
Xubair (జుబైర్)Name of a companion of the Prophet
Yahya (యహ్యా)Name of a prophet

Popular Telugu Muslim Names | ప్రసిద్ధ తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు

The popularity of Telugu Muslim names (ప్రసిద్ధ తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు) often stems from their beautiful meanings and the notable figures who have borne them.

This section highlights names that have stood the test of time, remaining favorites among parents for their melodious sounds and the positive attributes they signify, making them excellent choices for your newborn.

Ayesha (ఆయేషా)Alive, Well-living
Bilal (బిలాల్)Name of the Prophet’s Muezzin
Fatima (ఫాతిమా)Daughter of the Prophet
Hasan (హసన్)Handsome, Good
Iman (ఇమాన్)Faith
Jamal (జమాల్)Beauty
Khalid (ఖాలిద్)Immortal
Layla (లైలా)Night
Mohammed (మొహమ్మద్)Praised
Noor (నూర్)Light
Omar (ఓమర్)Long life
Pakeezah (పాకీజా)Pure
Qasim (కాసిమ్)Divider, Distributor
Rehan (రేహాన్)Sweet Basil
Sana (సనా)Radiance, Brilliance
Taimur (తైమూర్)Iron
Umar (ఉమర్)Name of the second Caliph
Vafi (వఫీ)Complete, Fulfilled
Wasim (వసీమ్)Handsome
Yaseen (యాసీన్)Name of a chapter in the Quran
Zara (జారా)Princess
Aamil (ఆమిల్)Worker, Effective
Babar (బబర్)Lion
Cadil (కాదిల్)Judge
Daoud (దావూద్)David, Beloved

Telugu Muslim Boy Names | తెలుగు ముస్లిం అబ్బాయి పేర్లు

Choosing a name for a boy in the Telugu Muslim community (తెలుగు ముస్లిం అబ్బాయి పేర్లు) involves finding a balance between tradition and modernity.

This collection of boy names includes both classic and contemporary choices, each with meaningful backgrounds that convey strength, wisdom, and the virtues of Islam, suitable for the newest member of your family.

Adnan (అద్నాన్)Settler
Basit (బాసిత్)One who enlarges
Faisal (ఫైసల్)Decisive
Haris (హారిస్)Guardian
Iqbal (ఇక్బాల్)Prosperity
Junaid (జునైద్)Soldier
Karim (కరీమ్)Generous
Latif (లతీఫ్)Gentle
Mustafa (ముస్తఫా)Chosen one
Naim (నైమ్)Comfort, Ease
Owais (ఓవైస్)Companion of the Prophet
Pasha (పాషా)Lord
Qutub (కుతుబ్)Pivot, Pole
Rafiq (రఫీక్)Friend, Companion
Sufyan (సుఫ్యాన్)Fast-moving, Light
Talha (తల్హా)Kind of tree
Uzair (ఉజైర్)Name of a prophet
Waqas (వకాస్)Warrior
Yahya (యహ్యా)Name of a prophet
Zayed (జాయెద్)Growth, Increase

Telugu Muslim Girl Names | తెలుగు ముస్లిం అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

Telugu Muslim girl names (తెలుగు ముస్లిం అమ్మాయి పేర్లు) are often chosen for their beauty, grace, and the noble qualities they represent.

This segment offers a selection of names ranging from the traditional to the modern, each with a lovely meaning that embodies the charm and strength of feminine virtues, perfect for your little princess.

Alina (అలీనా)Beautiful
Bushra (బుష్రా)Good News
Dua (దుఆ)Prayer
Eesha (ఈషా)Life
Farah (ఫరా)Joy
Ghazal (గజల్)Poem
Hina (హినా)Henna
Inaya (ఇనాయా)Concern, Solicitude
Jannat (జన్నత్)Paradise
Khadija (ఖదీజ)First wife of the Prophet Muhammad
Laila (లైలా)Night
Maira (మైరా)Moon
Nida (నిదా)Call
Oma (ఓమా)Life Giver
Parveen (పర్వీన్)Cluster of stars
Qamar (కమర్)Moon
Rubina (రుబీనా)Blessed with love
Saba (సబా)Morning breeze
Tahira (తహిరా)Pure, Chaste
Uzma (ఉజ్మా)Greatest
Vida (విదా)Evident, Clear
Wafia (వఫియా)Faithful
Xena (జెనా)Hospitable
Yasmin (యాస్మిన్)Jasmine flower
Zoya (జోయా)Life

Telugu Muslim Unisex Names | తెలుగు ముస్లిం యునిసెక్స్ పేర్లు

Unisex names are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting versatility and a modern approach to naming.

This section provides Telugu Muslim unisex names (తెలుగు ముస్లిం యునిసెక్స్ పేర్లు) that are suitable for both boys and girls.

These names are chosen for their universal appeal and meanings that resonate with the values and aspirations of the Islamic faith, ideal for parents looking for flexible naming options.

Amani (అమాని)Wishes, Aspirations
Bilal (బిలాల్)Name of the Prophet’s Muezzin
Dana (దానా)Wise, Learned
Emaan (ఈమాన్)Faith
Faris (ఫారిస్)Horseman, Knight
Hadi (హాది)Guiding to the right
Iman (ఇమాన్)Faith
Jannat (జన్నత్)Paradise
Kamal (కమల్)Perfection
Layan (లయాన్)Soft, Gentle
Mika (మికా)Gift from God
Nour (నూర్)Light
Omer (ఓమర్)Long life
Payam (పయామ్)Message
Qais (కైస్)Lover
Rian (రియాన్)King
Sami (సమీ)Elevated, Exalted
Tariq (తారిక్)Morning star
Uzair (ఉజైర్)Name of a prophet
Vafi (వఫీ)Complete, Fulfilled
Wafi (వఫీ)Faithful, Loyal
Xian (జియాన్)Enlightened
Yamin (యమిన్)Right, Proper
Zaki (జాకి)Pure
Zayan (జాయన్)Beautiful, Hospitable


In the rich tapestry of Telugu Muslim culture (తెలుగు ముస్లిం పేర్లు), names carry deep significance, reflecting personal beliefs, aspirations, and the enduring legacy of Islamic traditions.

This collection of Telugu Muslim names, ranging from the traditional to the modern, offers a variety of choices to parents seeking meaningful names for their children.

Whether you prefer a name that is time-honored or more contemporary, this guide aims to assist you in finding a name that will be a source of pride and identity for your child.