Twins Names In Telugu [Boy & Girl] | తెలుగులో కవలల పేర్లు

Choosing the perfect name for twins can be both exciting and challenging, especially in the rich cultural context of Telugu traditions.

This article aims to simplify your search by providing a curated list of beautiful and meaningful Telugu names for your twin babies (తెలుగులో కవలల పేర్లు), ensuring they carry a piece of their heritage with pride.

Twins Names In Telugu [Boy & Girl]

In the following sections, we present an extensive list of handpicked Telugu names for twin boys and girls.

Each name is imbued with significance, reflecting the beauty and depth of the Telugu language.

Whether you are looking for names that are traditional, modern, or a blend of both, our list is designed to cater to your preferences.

Twins Baby Boy Names In Telugu | కవలల అబ్బాయి పేర్లు

Selecting names for your twin boys is a unique opportunity to express their individuality while maintaining a harmonious connection.

The following list includes names that are not only phonetically pleasing but also rich in meaning and cultural significance.

Aarav & ArnavPeaceful & Ocean
Bhavin & DivitLiving & Immortal
Chetan & ChaitanyaConsciousness & Life
Devansh & DivyanshPart of God & Divine Part
Eshan & IshaanLord Shiva & Sun
Faiyaz & FaizanArtistic & Graceful
Gagan & GirikSky & Lord Shiva
Harish & HrishikLord Vishnu & Joy
Ilesh & IlashLord of Earth & Pastoral
Jai & JivinVictory & To Give Life
Kavan & KavishWater & King of Poets
Laksh & LavithTarget & Lord Shiva
Manav & ManishHuman & God of Mind
Nayan & NishithEye & Night
Omkar & OjasSound of Om & Vitality
Pranav & PrayanSacred Syllable Om & Progress
Qadir & QaisPowerful & Lover
Raghav & RajivLord Rama & Lotus
Sarthak & SathvikMeaningful & Virtuous
Taran & TarunHeaven & Young
Uday & UtkarshRise & Prosperity
Vivaan & VihaanFull of Life & Dawn
Yash & YatinFame & Devotee
Zoravar & ZayanPowerful & Bright
Ayaan & AyanGift of God & Path

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Twins Baby Boy Names In Telugu | కవలల అబ్బాయి పేర్లు

Twins Baby Girl Names In Telugu | కవలల అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

Choosing names for your twin girls is a delightful endeavor.

The names listed below are chosen to reflect the grace, beauty, and strength that you would want to bestow upon your daughters, each carrying a deep, cultural significance.

Aadhya & AanyaFirst Power & Inexhaustible
Bhavika & BhavinaEmotional & Future
Charvi & ChhayaBeautiful & Shadow
Diya & DivyaLight & Divine
Eesha & EktaPurity & Unity
Falguni & ForumBeautiful & Fragrant
Gauri & GayatriFair & A Sacred Chant
Harini & HansikaDeer & Swan
Ishika & IraBrush & Earth
Jhanvi & JiyaGanga River & Heart
Kavya & KiaraPoetry & Little Black One
Lavanya & LekhaGrace & Writing
Mihika & MitaliMist & Friendly
Nitya & NavyaEternal & Young
Ojasvi & OorjaBright & Energy
Prisha & PranaviBeloved & Goddess Parvati
Qamra & QianaMoon & Light
Riddhi & RidhimaProsperity & Spring
Saanvi & SiyaGoddess Lakshmi & Sita
Tanvi & TanyaDelicate & Of the Family
Urvi & UjwalaEarth & Bright
Vanya & VedaGracious & Knowledge
Yashvi & YuvikaFamous & Young
Zara & ZoyaPrincess & Life
Aarohi & AashviTune & Blessed

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Twins Baby Girl Names In Telugu | కవలల అమ్మాయి పేర్లు


Naming your twins is a significant step in embracing their identities and cultural roots.

The names listed in this article are carefully selected to resonate with the rich heritage of Telugu culture, offering a blend of traditional and contemporary choices.

Whether you seek names that are melodious, meaningful, or both, these selections aim to provide a starting point in your journey of naming your twins, ensuring they carry a piece of Telugu legacy with them.