Ashlesha Nakshatra Names In Telugu | ఆశ్లేష నక్షత్రం [Boy & Girl]

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is a significant and joyous task, especially within the cultural richness of Telugu traditions.

This article is dedicated to parents who are considering names under the Ashlesha Nakshatra (ఆశ్లేష నక్షత్రం), one of the 27 Nakshatras in Hindu astrology.

We delve into a comprehensive list of beautiful and meaningful names for both boys and girls born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra.

These names not only reflect the ancient wisdom of astrology but also embrace the linguistic elegance of Telugu culture.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Names In Telugu | ఆశ్లేష నక్షత్రం

In this section, we explore the significance of the Ashlesha Nakshatra and its impact on naming conventions in Telugu culture.

Ashlesha, symbolized by the serpent, is known for its mystical and transformative qualities.

The names listed here are carefully selected to resonate with the energies of this Nakshatra, offering a blend of traditional values and modern appeal.

Follow along as we unveil names that are not only astrologically significant but also rich in meaning and cultural heritage.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Name Letters | ఆశ్లేష నక్షత్రం పేరు అక్షరాలు

For those born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra, certain syllables are considered auspicious for naming.

These syllables are believed to bring harmony and good fortune to the child’s life.

The auspicious syllables for Ashlesha Nakshatra names are: Dee, Doo, Day, Do, Di, Du, and De.

Each of these syllables carries unique vibrations and meanings, making them ideal starting points for a name that resonates with the Nakshatra’s attributes.

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Ashlesha Nakshatra Boy Names In Telugu | ఆశ్లేష నక్షత్రం

Let’s focus on the names for boys born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Each name listed here begins with one of the auspicious syllables, ensuring a harmonious alignment with the Nakshatra’s influence.

These names are not only linguistically charming but also imbued with deep meanings, reflecting qualities like strength, wisdom, and nobility.

We present a diverse range of names to suit different tastes and preferences, all rich in cultural and astrological significance.

Day Names

Dayakara (దయాకర)Merciful
Dayaswaroop (దయాస్వరూప)Embodiment of Mercy
Dayanidhi (దయానిధి)Treasure of Compassion
Dayaveer (దయావీర)Brave in Kindness
Dayasagar (దయాసాగర)Ocean of Mercy
Dayanand (దయానంద)Joy of Compassion
Dayashankar (దయాశంకర)Lord of Mercy
Dayasindhu (దయాసింధు)Sea of Kindness
Dayasara (దయాసార)Essence of Compassion
Dayashree (దయాశ్రీ)Beauty of Kindness
Dayaswaraj (దయాస్వరాజ)King of Mercy
Dayaveera (దయావీర)Hero of Compassion
Dayanish (దయానిష)Compassionate Guide
Dayaraj (దయారాజ)Emperor of Kindness
Dayaswarup (దయాస్వరూప)Form of Compassion

De Names

Devansh (దేవాంశ)Part of God
Deshik (దేశిక)Guide
Devaj (దేవజ)Born of Gods
Deepak (దీపక)Lamp, Light
Dhanesh (దేనేష)Lord of Wealth
Devesh (దేవేష)Lord of the Gods
Devnarayan (దేవ్నారాయణ)Godly
Deenpal (దీనపాల)Protector of Poor
Devpad (దేవ్పద)Divine Position
Dhruvpad (దృవ్పద)Constant
Deveshwar (దేవేశ్వర)Lord of Gods
Dhanraj (దేనరాజ)King of Wealth
Devsurya (దేవ్సూర్య)Sun of the Gods
Dhyanesh (ద్యానేష)Lord of Meditation
Devyansh (దేవ్యాంశ)Part of the Divine

Dee Names

Deekshit (దీక్షిత్)Dedicated
Deenbandhu (దీన్బంధు)Friend of the Poor
Deepankar (దీపంకర్)One who lights lamps
Deependra (దీపేంద్ర)Lord of Light
Deepesh (దీపేష్)Lord of Light
Deepsundar (దీప్సుందర్)Beautiful Light
Deekshant (దీక్షాంత్)Gift of God
Deeraj (దీరాజ్)Patience
Deeshan (దీశన్)Light
Deepnarayan (దీప్నారాయణ్)Divine Light
Deepjot (దీప్జోత్)Flame of a Lamp
Deekshith (దీక్షిత్)Prepared
Deenadhayal (దీనదయాల్)Merciful to the Poor
Deepith (దీపిథ్)Illuminated
Deenpal (దీన్పాల్)Protector of the Poor

Di Names

Dinesh (దినేష్)Lord of the Day
Digvijay (దిగ్విజయ్)Conqueror
Dikshit (దిక్షిత్)Initiated; Dedicated
Divij (దివిజ్)Born in Heaven
Dipen (దిపేన్)Lord of the Light
Divesh (దివేష్)Master of Heaven
Divyansh (దివ్యాంశ్)Part of the Divine
Dinakar (దినకర్)The Sun
Dinar (దినార్)Gold Coin
Diptanshu (దిప్తాన్షు)Sun
Divit (దివిత్)Immortal
Dijul (దిజుల్)Eternal Light
Dikshan (దిక్షాన్)Ceremony
Divyesh (దివ్యేష్)The Sun
Dikshant (దిక్షాంత్)Student

Do Names

Doshan (దోషన్)Pure, Spotless
Doshagya (దోషజ్ఞ)Knower of Virtue
Doyel (దోయెల్)A Singing Bird
Dovind (దోవింద్)Devoted
Dovesh (దోవేష్)Strong, Powerful
Doyaj (దోయజ్)An Achiever
Doyan (దోయన్)Charitable, Kind
Dodraj (దోద్రాజ్)Leader, Guide
Doyit (దోయిత్)Bright, Illuminated
Dovya (దోవ్యా)Literary, Scholarly
Doyitran (దోయిత్రన్)Learned, Educated
Doshad (దోషాద్)Righteous, Virtuous
Doyansh (దోయాంశ్)Part of Kindness
Doshin (దోషిన్)Pure, Clean
Doyesh (దోయేష్)King of Kindness

Doo Names

Dooshan (దూషన్)Faultless
Doojesh (దూజేష్)King of Light
Dooptan (దూప్తాన్)Shining Brightly
Doortar (దూర్తర్)Far-reaching
Dooshit (దూషిత్)Purified, Cleansed
Doohan (దూహన్)Milkman, Nourisher
Doojendra (దూజేంద్ర)Lord of Light
Doolabh (దూలభ్)Rare, Unique
Doopan (దూపన్)Illuminating
Doogan (దూగన్)Helpful, Caring
Dooshak (దూషక్)Remover of Faults
Dooshant (దూషాంత్)Peaceful, Calm
Dootik (దూతిక్)Messenger, Herald
Dooshyanth (దూష్యంత్)Virtuous, Pure
Doobhav (దూభవ్)New Beginning

Du Names

Durgesh (దుర్గేష్)Lord of Fortresses
Dushyant (దుశ్యంత్)Destroyer of Evil
Durvish (దుర్విష్)Hard to Achieve
Dushyan (దుశ్యన్)Ethical, Righteous
Durijesh (దురిజేష్)Moon
Durvaas (దుర్వాస్)Spiritual Hermit
Dushal (దుషల్)Strong, Powerful
Duraimurugan (దురైమురుగన్)Youthful, Energetic
Duryodhan (దుర్యోధన్)One who is hard to fight
Durvank (దుర్వంక్)Unconquerable
Dushkaran (దుష్కరన్)Difficult Task
Dushant (దుషాంత్)Peaceful, Calm
Dushkirti (దుష్కిర్తి)Ill-Famed
Durgadutt (దుర్గదుత్)Gift from the Goddess
Durgeswar (దుర్గేస్వర్)Lord of the Fortress

Ashlesha Nakshatra Girl Names In Telugu | ఆశ్లేష నక్షత్రం

Moving on to the girls, this section is dedicated to female names under the Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Each name is carefully chosen to start with one of the auspicious syllables, aligning with the Nakshatra’s characteristics.

These names are not only melodious and elegant but also rich in meaning, embodying traits like grace, intelligence, and beauty.

We offer a variety of names that are traditional yet modern, each holding a special significance in Telugu culture.

Day Names

Dayamayi (దయామయి)Full of Mercy
Dayanvita (దయాన్విత)Blessed with Kindness
Dayaarani (దయారాణి)Queen of Mercy
Dayashri (దయాశ్రీ)Beauty of Mercy
Dayasmita (దయాస్మిత)Smiling Kindness
Dayanitha (దయానిథ)Cherisher of Mercy
Dayaveena (దయావీణ)Musical Mercy
Dayasheela (దయాశీల)Kind-hearted
Dayaamani (దయామణి)Jewel of Compassion
Dayanvitha (దయాన్విత)Filled with Kindness
Dayapreeti (దయాప్రీతి)Loving Kindness
Dayarupa (దయారూప)Image of Mercy
Dayasudha (దయాసుధ)Nectar of Kindness
Dayaswaroopa (దయాస్వరూప)True Form of Mercy
Dayashalini (దయాశాలిని)Personified Kindness

De Names

Devika (దేవిక)Little Goddess
Deepa (దీపా)Lamp, Light
Devyani (దేవ్యాని)Divine Maiden
Deeksha (దీక్షా)Initiation
Dhriti (దృతి)Courage
Divya (దివ్యా)Divine Brilliance
Deepali (దీపాలి)Row of Lamps
Deveshi (దేవేషి)Goddess
Dhanvi (దేన్వి)Wealthy
Dhanya (దేన్యా)Thankful; Lucky
Deenal (దీనల)Soft; Gentle
Deekshita (దీక్షితా)Initiated
Devapriya (దేవప్రియ)Dear to the Gods
Deepshikha (దీప్షిఖా)Flame
Dhvani (ద్వాని)Sound; Voice

Dee Names

Deeksha (దీక్ష)Initiation, Dedication
Deekshita (దీక్షిత)One who is initiated
Deenal (దీనల)Soft, Kind-hearted
Deepa (దీపా)Lamp, Light
Deepali (దీపాలి)Row of Lamps
Deepanwita (దీపాన్విత)Lit with Lamps
Deepti (దీప్తి)Glow, Shine
Deepshikha (దీప్షిఖా)Flame
Deeshna (దీష్నా)Gift
Deetya (దీత్యా)Answer of Prayers
Deevanshi (దీవాంశి)Divine
Deeparani (దీపారాణి)Queen of Lights
Deeshika (దీషికా)Guide, Instructor
Deeptikana (దీప్తికనా)A Beam of Light
Deevitha (దీవితా)Dedicated, Pious

Di Names

Divya (దివ్యా)Divine Brilliance
Diksha (దీక్షా)Initiation, Dedication
Disha (దిశా)Direction
Diti (దితి)Idea, Splendor
Divija (దివిజా)Born in Heaven
Dipali (దిపాలి)Collection of Lamps
Divyanshi (దివ్యాంశి)Part of the Divine
Disha (దిశా)Direction, Guidance
Divisha (దివిషా)Divine Power
Dikshita (దిక్షిత)One who is initiated
Dinika (దినికా)Rising Sun
Dipanshi (దిపాంశి)Part of the Light
Divita (దివితా)Immortal, Eternal
Divyashree (దివ్యశ్రీ)Divine Beauty
Disha (దిశా)Direction, Path

Do Names

Doyel (దోయెల్)A Singing Bird
Doma (దోమా)Calm, Quiet
Doyita (దోయితా)Beloved
Dolar (దోలార్)Sweet, Adorable
Doyel (దోయెల్)Songbird, Melodious
Doyali (దోయాలి)Full of Joy
Dorita (దోరితా)Gift of God
Dovya (దోవ్యా)Literary, Scholarly
Doyena (దోయెనా)Leader, Chief
Doshini (దోషిని)Pure, Virtuous
Doyelika (దోయెలికా)Like a Songbird
Domini (దోమిని)Lord, Master
Doyita (దోయితా)Beloved, Cherished
Doel (దోఏల్)Songbird
Dohini (దోహిని)Kind, Benevolent

Doo Names

Doolika (దూలికా)Delicate, Fragile
Dooshita (దూషితా)Illuminated, Bright
Dookini (దూకిని)Agile, Quick
Dooshini (దూషిని)Pure, Virtuous
Doopti (దూప్తి)Light, Shine
Doorti (దూర్తి)Distant, Far-off
Dooli (దూలి)Delicate, Tender
Doojika (దూజికా)Light, Bright
Dooshika (దూషికా)Pure, Clean
Doojani (దూజని)Light, Brightness
Dooyasvi (దూయస్వి)Hopeful, Aspiring
Doortika (దూర్తికా)Far, Distant
Dooshima (దూషిమా)Pure, Spotless
Dooyanshi (దూయాంశి)Part of Light
Doornika (దూర్నికా)Distant, Remote

Du Names

Durga (దుర్గా)Invincible, Goddess
Durva (దుర్వా)Sacred Grass
Dulari (దులారి)Dear, Beloved
Dushita (దుషితా)Purified, Cleansed
Duhita (దుహితా)Daughter
Durika (దురికా)Difficult to Attain
Dushala (దుషలా)Beautiful, Charming
Dushyanti (దుష్యంతి)Remembering the Righteous
Dushini (దుషిని)Virtuous, Pure
Duraima (దురైమా)Leader, Chief
Durgeshni (దుర్గేష్ణి)Goddess, Powerful
Dushitha (దుషిథా)Improved, Enhanced
Duviksha (దువిక్షా)Hopeful Gaze
Durmila (దుర్మిలా)Hard to be Defeated
Durvisha (దుర్విషా)Hard to Poison


In conclusion, the names listed in this article under the Ashlesha Nakshatra offer a beautiful blend of astrological significance and cultural depth.

They are not just mere labels, but powerful symbols that carry the essence of Telugu heritage and the mystical energies of the stars.

As parents choose from these names, they bestow upon their children a legacy of tradition, meaning, and a unique identity that resonates with the celestial alignment at their birth.

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