45 Telugu BF Names For Girl | అమ్మాయికి BF పేర్లు [2024]

Isn’t there something magical about names? Especially Telugu bf names.

They’re more than just words; they carry a rich history, emotions, and stories.

Especially when we’re talking about the names we give or receive in romantic relationships.

Have you ever wondered about the significance of cultural and traditional names in relationships?

Choosing Right Telugu BF Name for a Girl

When picking a Telugu boyfriend name for a girl, it’s like threading the needle between tradition and the modern world.

How do you choose a name that respects cultural significance but also feels fresh and contemporary

It’s about finding that perfect balance.

45 Telugu BF Names For Girl | అమ్మాయికి BF పేర్లు

Dive into this curated list of Telugu boyfriend names for girls.

Each carries a rich tradition, a hint of modernity, and a whole lot of love.

Name (Written in Telugu)Meaning
Bujji (బుజ్జి)Little one
Kanna (కన్నా)Dear/Darling
Chinna (చిన్న)Small/Younger one
Chinnu (చిన్ను)Affectionate name for a young one
Bujjilu (బుజ్జిలు)Cute little one
Bangaaru (బంగారు)Gold (used affectionately)
Chanti (చంటి)Naughty boy
Bujji kanna (బుజ్జి కన్నా)Little darling
Chinnari (చిన్నరి)Little girl
Pinni (పిన్ని)Dear
Laddu (లడ్డు)Sweet person
Gudiya (గుడియా)Doll
Tinku (టింకు)Tiny
Sonu (సోను)Gold (used affectionately)
Mannu (మన్ను)Clay/Earth (beloved one)
Chikki (చిక్కి)Sweet candy
Pillu (పిల్లు)Bird/Baby
Gullu (గుల్లు)Round and chubby
Rinku (రింకు)Playful
Billoo (బిల్లు)Cat-like (used affectionately)
Chotu (చోటు)Little one
Minnu (మిన్ను)Twinkling star
Titli (టిట్లి)Butterfly
Chinni kanna (చిన్ని కన్నా)Sweet darling
Babu (బాబు)Baby/Young boy
Lachu (లచు)Delightful
Pintu (పింటు)Small door
Bubby (బబ్బి)Affectionate term
Tuttu (టుట్టు)Tiny
Ninnu (నిన్ను)Yours
Chinna babu (చిన్న బాబు)Little boy
Chikoo (చికూ)Sweet fruit (sapodilla)
Chutku (చుట్కు)Tiny, little
Golu (గోలు)Round-faced
Kittu (కిట్టు)Playful cat
Chinnodu (చిన్నోడు)Younger boy
Honey (హనీ)Sweet as honey
Mittu (మిట్టు)Parrot (used affectionately)
Pinky (పింకి)Pink-colored
Pappu (పప్పు)Soft
Cherry (చెర్రీ)Sweet and red (like the fruit)
Piku (పికు)Cute
Babbu (బబ్బు)Baby-like

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Traditional BF Names and Their Meanings

Name (Written in Telugu)Meaning
Harsha (హర్ష)Joy, happiness
Vikas (వికాస్)Progress, growth
Suman (సుమన్)Kind-hearted
Tej (తేజ్)Lustrous, radiant
Chandra (చంద్ర)Moon, radiant
Ravi (రవి)Sun
Prakash (ప్రకాష్)Light, luminous
Vijay (విజయ్)Victory, triumph
Kishore (కిశోర్)Young, youthful
Girish (గిరీష్)Lord of mountains

Modern BF Names With a Cultural Twist

Name (Written in Telugu)Meaning
Aryan (ఆర్యన్)Noble
Ishan (ఈశాన్)Sun, corner direction
Reyansh (రేయాంశ్)Ray of light
Sai (సాయి)Divine
Taran (తారణ్)Heaven
Aarav (ఆరవ్)Peaceful, calm
Krish (క్రిష్)Short for Krishna
Yash (యశ్)Fame, renowned
Neil (నీల్)Blue, sapphire
Vedant (వేదాంత్)End of the Vedas

Unique Telugu BF Names You Might Not Have Heard

Name (Written in Telugu)Meaning
Bhavin (భావిన్)Future, splendid
Charvik (చార్విక్)Intelligent
Dhruv (ధ్రువ్)Pole star, steadfast
Evank (ఏవాంక్)God’s gracious gift
Falak (ఫలక్)Sky
Jivan (జీవన్)Life, vital
Kanishk (కనిష్క్)Ancient king, tiny
Lohit (లోహిత్)Red, made of iron
Mukul (ముకుల్)Bud, blossom
Nihal (నిహాల్)Joyous, successful

Tips On Using These Names In Daily Life

Now that you have this wonderful list, how can you weave these names into your daily interactions

How about creating cute nicknames derived from these Telugu names?

Or perhaps, whispering them during those intimate moments?

Remember, names are more than just words; they’re expressions of love and care.


Why are traditional Telugu names important in relationships?

Traditional Telugu names carry a rich history and cultural significance, enhancing the depth of the bond in relationships.

Can I use these names even if I am not from the Telugu culture?

Absolutely! Names are universal, and their meanings can resonate with anyone, irrespective of their cultural background.

How can I incorporate these names into daily conversations?

You can use them as nicknames, terms of endearment, or even in playful banters with your loved one.

Do these names have specific meanings?

Yes, each Telugu name has a specific meaning, often rooted in nature, emotions, or traditional values.

Can I combine two names to create a unique name?

Of course! Combining names can result in a special, personalized name that holds significance for both individuals.


Choosing a name, especially a bf’s name in the Telugu tradition for a girl, is more than just a fun activity.

It’s about honoring traditions, celebrating love, and creating a bond that resonates with cultural significance.

So, which name resonates with you the most?