45 Telugu Nicknames For Brother | సోదరునికి మారుపేర్లు [2024]

Discover a delightful array of 45 Telugu nicknames for your brother (సోదరునికి మారుపేర్లు) in this comprehensive guide.

Each nickname is uniquely crafted to reflect the special bond you share.

Whether you’re looking for something unique, humorous, or endearingly cute for your younger sibling, this list has it all.

Each nickname is presented in both English and Telugu (తెలుగు), capturing the essence of the language’s rich cultural heritage.

Dive into this curated selection to find the perfect moniker that resonates with your brother’s personality.

Telugu Nicknames For Brother | సోదరునికి మారుపేర్లు

Telugu nicknames (మారుపేర్లు) for brothers, blending traditional nuances with familial affection.

Each name carries a unique significance, deeply rooted in the Telugu culture, perfect for expressing the strong familial bonds.

Anna (అన్న)Elder Brother
Thammudu (తమ్ముడు)Younger Brother
Bujji (బుజ్జి)Beloved or Dear
Chinna (చిన్న)Young or Small
Pedda (పెద్ద)Big or Elder
Sannapu Thammudu (సన్నపు తమ్ముడు)Slim Younger Brother
Laddu (లడ్డు)Sweet, Affectionate
Bangaram (బంగారం)Gold, Precious
Bheemudu (భీముడు)Strong, Mighty
Guddu (గుడ్డు)Egg, Denoting Cuteness
Chinnodu (చిన్నోడు)The Young One
Peda Babu (పెద బాబు)Respected Elder Brother
Chotu (చోటు)Small, Young
Raja (రాజా)King, Denoting Superiority
Babai (బాబాయ్)Father’s Younger Brother
Pinni Koduku (పిన్ని కొడుకు)Mother’s Sister’s Son
Chitti Thammudu (చిట్టి తమ్ముడు)Little Younger Brother
Peddodu (పెద్దోడు)The Elder One
Chinna Babu (చిన్న బాబు)Dear Younger Brother
Gopi (గోపి)Protector, Caretaker
Mani (మణి)Gem, Precious
Surya (సూర్య)Sun, Radiant
Teja (తేజ)Radiance, Brilliance
Vikki (విక్కి)Diminutive, Friendly
Krishna (కృష్ణ)Attractive, Charismatic

Unique Nicknames For Brother | సోదరుడికి ప్రత్యేకమైన మారుపేర్లు

Explore unique nicknames (ప్రత్యేకమైన మారుపేర్లు) for your brother, each with its distinct charm and personality.

These names stand out for their originality and the special touch they add to the bond you share.

Nava (నవ)New, Fresh
Prakash (ప్రకాశ్)Light, Radiant
Tarun (తరుణ్)Young, Youthful
Suryateja (సూర్యతేజ)Sun’s Radiance
Niraj (నీరజ్)Lotus, Purity
Vihari (విహారి)Wanderer, Explorer
Aarush (ఆరుష్)First Ray of the Sun
Yuvan (యువాన్)Youthful, Strong
Chaitanya (చైతన్య)Consciousness, Life, Knowledge
Samir (సమీర్)Breeze, Gentle Wind
Harsha (హర్ష)Happiness, Joy
Ishaan (ఈశాన్)The Sun, One who Bestows Wealth
Karthik (కార్తిక్)A Month in Hindu Calendar, Warrior God
Vishnu (విష్ణు)Preserver, A Hindu God
Siddharth (సిద్ధార్థ్)One who has Accomplished a Goal
Dhruv (ధృవ్)Pole Star, Constant
Aditya (ఆదిత్య)Sun, Belonging to Aditi
Sai (సాయి)Divine, Saintly
Kunal (కునాల్)Lotus, Of Gold, Artistic
Mayank (మయంక్)Moon
Aravind (అరవింద్)Lotus, Symbol of Purity
Varun (వరుణ్)Rain, God of Water
Rohit (రోహిత్)Red, Sun’s First Ray
Anirudh (అనిరుధ్)Boundless, Grandson of Lord Krishna
Lakshman (లక్ష్మణ్)Prosperous, Brother of Lord Rama

Nick Names For Brother Funny | సోదరుడికి తమాషా మారుపేర్లు

Lighten up your sibling bond with these humorous Telugu nicknames (తమాషా మారుపేర్లు).

Each name is filled with fun and laughter, perfectly capturing the playful aspect of your relationship.

Gadget Guru (గాడ్జెట్ గురు)Tech-Savvy Brother
Chinni Krishna (చిన్ని కృష్ణ)Little Mischief-Maker
Bheemudu (భీముడు)For the Strong and Hefty Brother
Alludu (అల్లుడు)Son-in-Law, Teasingly for a Pampered Bro
Bookworm Babu (బుక్‌వర్మ్ బాబు)For the Brother Always Buried in Books
Dabbu (డబ్బు)Money, for the Brother Who Loves Wealth
Jilebi (జిలేబి)Sweet and Twisty
Rocket (రాకెట్)For the Fast and Energetic Brother
Snoozer (స్నూజర్)For the Brother Who Loves to Sleep
Mr. Bean (మిస్టర్ బీన్)For the Comically Serious Brother
Chota Bheem (చోట భీమ్)Popular Cartoon Character, Strong but Naive
Lazy Lad (లేజీ ల్యాడ్)For the Brother Who is Always Relaxing
Giggles (గిగ్గల్స్)For the Brother Who Laughs a Lot
Google Babu (గూగుల్ బాబు)For the Know-It-All Brother
Chiru (చిరు)Short for ‘Chiranjeevi’, Ever-Alive and Joyful
Drama King (డ్రామా కింగ్)For the Overly Dramatic Brother
Muscle Man (మసల్ మాన్)Ironically for a Not-So-Muscular Brother
Cricket Crazy (క్రికెట్ క్రేజీ)For the Brother Obsessed with Cricket
Chatterbox (చాట్టర్‌బాక్స్)For the Brother Who Never Stops Talking
Mr. Perfect (మిస్టర్ పర్ఫెక్ట్)Sarcastically for the Brother Who Thinks He’s Always Right
Couch Potato (కౌచ్ పొటాటో)For the Brother Who Loves Lounging Around
Dosa (దోస)For the Thin and Lanky Brother
Smarty (స్మార్టీ)For the Clever or Over-Smart Brother
Fusspot (ఫస్‌పాట్)For the Brother Who is Always Fussy
Hero (హీరో)For the Brother Who Thinks He’s a Movie Star

Cute Nicknames For Younger Brother | యువ సోదరునికి మారుపేర్లు

Specially tailored for younger siblings, these cute Telugu nicknames (యువ మారుపేర్లు) are imbued with warmth and affection.

They’re perfect for showing your love in a sweet, endearing manner.

Chinnari (చిన్నారి)Little One
Potti (పొట్టి)Tiny, Small
Chinna (చిన్న)Young or Small
Pillodu (పిల్లోడు)Little Boy
Bujji (బుజ్జి)Beloved or Dear
Laddu (లడ్డు)Sweet, Affectionate
Chintu (చింటు)Small, Cute
Pappu (పప్పు)Soft, Tender
Babu (బాబు)Baby, Young Boy
Bunny (బన్నీ)Playful, Energetic
Tinku (టింకు)Sweet, Adorable
Cherry (చెర్రీ)Sweet and Cheerful
Golu (గోలు)Plump, Adorable
Chotu (చోటు)Small, Young
Sonu (సోను)Gold, Precious
Gopu (గోపు)Nickname for Lord Krishna
Happy (హ్యాపీ)Joyful, Cheerful
Bittu (బిట్టు)Endearing Term
Kittu (కిట్టు)Common Affectionate Nickname
Mickey (మిక్కీ)Playful, Fun
Piku (పికు)Cute, Adorable
Guddu (గుడ్డు)Egg, Denoting Cuteness
Chikoo (చికూ)Sweet, like the fruit Chikoo
Monty (మొంటీ)Affectionate, Playful
Cheeku (చీకు)Sweet, Affectionate


In conclusion, the treasure trove of Telugu nicknames for brothers (సోదరునికి మారుపేర్లు) presented here offers a wide range of options to suit every kind of sibling relationship.

From traditional and unique names to funny and cute terms, these nicknames are more than just terms of endearment.

They are reflections of the rich cultural heritage and familial bonds inherent in Telugu-speaking communities.

Whether you’re looking for a nickname that captures the essence of your brother’s personality, or simply seeking a playful moniker to strengthen your bond, this collection provides a diverse array of choices.

Embrace these nicknames to add a touch of affection, humor, and warmth to your brotherly relationship.