Chinna Pillala Perlu | చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు | Baby Names [2024]

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on “Chinna Pillala Perlu” (చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు), which translates to Baby Names in Telugu.

This article is a treasure trove for parents looking for meaningful and beautiful names for their little ones.

We have curated lists for both boys and girls, including cute and small names, each accompanied by their meanings.

Dive into our carefully selected names that resonate with the rich cultural heritage and linguistic beauty of Telugu ([Telugu] తెలుగు).

Chinna Pillala Perlu | చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు

This section showcases a wide array of baby names (బేబీ పేర్లు) in Telugu that are perfect for both boys and girls.

The names featured here have been chosen for their widespread popularity, deep cultural roots, and the profound meanings they carry.

They are not just names, but a reflection of the rich traditions and values embedded in Telugu culture.

These names are ideal for your newborn, offering a blend of linguistic beauty and meaningful depth.

Aarav (ఆరవ్)Peaceful
Diya (దియా)Light, Glow
Eshan (ఈశాన్)Lord, Master
Harini (హరిణి)Deer, Beautiful
Ishaan (ఇషాన్)Sun, Richness
Kavya (కావ్య)Poetry
Laya (లయ)Rhythm, Musical Form
Mohan (మోహన్)Charming, Fascinating
Nitya (నిత్య)Eternal
Om (ఓం)Sacred Hindu Syllable
Pavan (పవన్)Wind, Breeze
Riya (రియా)Singer, Graceful
Sahil (సాహిల్)Guide, Leader
Tara (తార)Star, Light
Uday (ఉదయ్)Sunrise, Dawn
Vani (వాణి)Speech, Voice
Yash (యశ్)Glory, Fame
Zara (జారా)Princess, Bright
Aditi (అదితి)Boundless, Free
Bhanu (భాను)Sun, Brightness
Chetan (చేతన్)Conscious, Life
Dev (దేవ్)God, King
Eesha (ఈషా)Goddess Parvati
Falak (ఫలక్)Sky, Heaven
Gagan (గగన్)Sky, Heavenly

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Chinna Pillala Perlu Boy | చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు అబ్బాయి

This section is dedicated to boy names (అబ్బాయి పేర్లు) in Telugu.

Each name has been carefully selected for its distinctiveness and meaningful depth, reflecting attributes like strength, wisdom, and virtue.

These names are not just identifiers but encapsulate aspirations and qualities that parents might wish to imbue in their sons.

They resonate with the rich heritage of Telugu culture, offering a wide range of choices for naming your boy.

Aditya (ఆదిత్య)Sun, Divine
Bhavin (భవిన్)Existing, Winner
Chaitanya (చైతన్య)Consciousness, Life
Dhruv (ధ్రువ్)Pole Star, Constant
Eshan (ఈశాన్)Lord Shiva, Northeast
Gautham (గౌతమ్)Wise, A Sage’s Name
Harish (హరీష్)Lord Shiva, Joyful
Ishan (ఇషాన్)Lord, Sun
Jai (జై)Victory, Conqueror
Karthik (కార్తిక్)A Month in Hindu Calendar, God of War
Lakshman (లక్ష్మణ్)Prosperous, Brother of Lord Rama
Manish (మనీష్)God of Mind, Intellect
Naveen (నవీన్)New, Fresh
Omkar (ఓంకార్)Symbol of Hinduism
Pranav (ప్రణవ్)Sacred Syllable Om
Rishabh (రిషభ్)Morality, Superior
Siddharth (సిద్ధార్థ్)One who has accomplished goal
Tarun (తరుణ్)Young, Youthful
Ujjwal (ఉజ్జ్వల్)Bright, Clear
Vivaan (వివాన్)Full of Life, Rays of the Sun
Yash (యశ్)Fame, Glory
Zayan (జయన్)Bright, Hospitable
Aarush (ఆరుష్)First Ray of the Sun
Bhargav (భార్గవ్)Lord Shiva, Attainer
Charan (చరణ్)Feet, A Humble Person

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Chinna Pillala Perlu Girl | చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు అమ్మాయి

This section is devoted to girl names (అమ్మాయి పేర్లు) in Telugu.

Each name is selected for its aesthetic appeal, cultural richness, and the impactful meanings behind them.

These names are symbols of grace and elegance, reflecting the qualities that are often cherished and admired in girls.

The names embody the beauty of Telugu language and culture, offering an array of meaningful options for your daughter.

Aadhya (ఆధ్యా)First Power, Beginning
Bhavna (భావన)Feelings, Emotions
Charvi (చార్వి)Beautiful, Lovely
Diya (దియా)Lamp, Light
Eesha (ఈషా)Purity, Goddess Parvati
Falguni (ఫాల్గుని)Born in Falgun, A Hindu Month
Gauri (గౌరి)Fair, Goddess Parvati
Harika (హారిక)Beautiful, Beloved
Ishika (ఇషికా)Paint Brush, Artist’s Tool
Jhanvi (ఝాన్వి)Ganga River, Holy River
Kavya (కావ్య)Poem, Poetry
Lavanya (లావణ్య)Grace, Beauty
Meera (మీరా)Devotee of Lord Krishna
Nitya (నిత్య)Eternal, Constant
Ojasvi (ఓజస్వి)Bright, Shining
Pranavi (ప్రణవి)Goddess Parvati, Sacred Om
Riya (రియా)Singer, Graceful
Saanvi (సాన్వి)Goddess Lakshmi, Truth
Tanvi (తన్వి)Slender, Beautiful
Urvashi (ఉర్వశి)Most Beautiful, Celestial Maiden
Vaishnavi (వైష్ణవి)Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
Yaashika (యాషికా)Fame, Successful
Zara (జారా)Princess, Bright
Aarohi (ఆరోహి)Tune, Ascending
Bhumi (భూమి)Earth, Base

Cute Chinna Pillala Perlu | అందమైన చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు

In this section, we focus on cute baby names (అందమైన పేర్లు) in Telugu, ideal for your precious little one.

Each name has been selected for its adorable sound and heartwarming meaning, embodying the innocence and joy of childhood.

These names are not only pleasing to the ear but also carry delightful meanings that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

They are perfect for giving your child a name that is as endearing as they are.

Anju (అంజు)One who lives in heart
Bunu (బును)Cute, Lovely
Chinni (చిన్ని)Sweet, Little
Deepu (దీపు)Light, Bright
Eshu (ఏషు)God is salvation
Golu (గోలు)Round, Plump
Honey (హనీ)Sweet, Affectionate
Isha (ఇషా)Master, Lord
Jiju (జిజు)Sweetheart, Beloved
Kiki (కికి)New beginning, New life
Lali (లాలి)Darling, Beloved
Mimi (మిమి)Wished-for child
Nila (నీలా)Moon, Sapphire
Oli (ఓలి)Light, Brightness
Piku (పికు)Sweet, Innocent
Ritu (రితు)Season, Period
Sonu (సోను)Gold, Precious
Tia (తియా)Princess, Bird
Uki (ఉకి)Rising Sun, Hope
Vinni (విన్ని)Conquering, Winning
Yoyo (యోయో)Joyful, Playful
Zumi (జుమి)Vibrant, Lively
Appu (అప్పు)Sweet, Adorable
Bubu (బుబు)Lovely, Charming
Cheeku (చీకు)Sweet, Cuddly

Small Chinna Pillala Perlu | చిన్న చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు

This section introduces small and sweet baby names (చిన్న పేర్లు) in Telugu.

These names are selected for their short length, ease of pronunciation, and lovely meanings.

They are perfectly suited for your little bundle of joy, as they are easy to remember and have a sweet ring to them.

These names are a great choice for parents looking for something simple yet meaningful for their child.

Ana (అన)Grace, Prestige
Bala (బాల)Young, Child
Dev (దేవ్)God, Divine
Esh (ఈశ్)God, Lord
Gia (జియా)Heart, Love
Hira (హీరా)Diamond, Precious
Ira (ఇరా)Earth, Goddess Saraswati
Jai (జై)Victory, Conqueror
Kia (కియా)King, Protector
Leo (లియో)Lion, Brave
Mira (మీరా)Ocean, Sea
Neo (నియో)New, Gift
Ovi (ఓవి)Sacred Message
Pia (పియా)Beloved, Pious
Ria (రియా)Singer, Graceful
Sam (సామ్)Told by God, Sun
Tia (తియా)Princess, Bird
Umi (ఉమి)Life, Thriving
Vayu (వాయు)Wind, Air
Zan (జాన్)Beloved, Precious
Arya (ఆర్య)Noble, Great
Biju (బిజు)Strange, Extraordinary
Cee (సీ)To Rejoice, Happiness
Diu (దిఉ)Light, Splendor
Evi (ఏవి)Life, Living


In conclusion, this comprehensive collection of “Chinna Pillala Perlu” (చిన్న పిల్లల పేర్లు) offers a rich and varied range of Telugu baby names for both boys and girls.

From traditional to modern, each name has been chosen for its unique charm, cultural significance, and profound meaning.

Whether you are looking for a name that reflects strength and wisdom, embodies grace and beauty, or captures the essence of cuteness and simplicity, this guide provides an abundance of choices.

Selecting a name is a significant and joyful part of welcoming your child into the world, and these Telugu names are sure to add a special touch of heritage and identity to your little one’s life.