55 Sweet Wife Nicknames In Telugu | తెలుగులో భార్య మారుపేర్లు

Having sweet and endearing nicknames for your wife can be a delightful way to express your love and affection.

In Telugu, a South Indian language widely spoken in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there are numerous charming and meaningful nicknames to call your beloved wife.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 55 sweet wife nicknames in Telugu, or as it is called, “తెలుగులో భార్య మారుపేర్లు.”

These nicknames are sure to bring a smile to her face and strengthen the bond you share.

55 Romantic Wife Nicknames In Telugu | తెలుగులో రొమాంటిక్ భార్య మారుపేర్లు

  1. ప్రియమైన పిల్ల (Priyamaina Pill): The adorable childlike soul who stole your heart.
  2. చిన్న కోడలు (Chinna Kodalu): The little daughter of your heart.
  3. ప్రియమైన బంధువు (Priyamaina Bandhuvu): The beloved companion who completes your life.
  4. ఆకర్షక దంపతులు (Aakarshaka Dampatulu): The attractive couple who radiate love and charm.
  5. మనసులో ప్రియమైనది (Manasulo Priyamainadi): The one who resides in your heart.
  6. ప్రణయ సంగీతం (Pranaya Sangeetham): The melodious love song of your life.
  7. చిన్న ప్రియతమ (Chinna Priyatama): The little dearest one who holds a special place in your heart.
  8. మనసులో ఆత్మసంగతి (Manasulo Atmasangathi): The soulmate who understands you deeply.
  9. అనురాగ ప్రియ (Anuraga Priya): The love-lover who fills your life with affection.
  10. ప్రియతమ ప్రణయిని (Priyatama Pranayini): The beloved soulmate who personifies love itself.

Finding the perfect nickname for your wife is a personal and intimate choice.

It should reflect her unique qualities and the special connection you share.

Here are 45 more sweet wife nicknames in Telugu to consider:

ప్రియ పుట్టిని (Priya Puttini)

Nicknames that highlight her sweetness and loving nature are always a great choice. “ప్రియ పుట్టిని” translates to “Darling Baby Girl” and signifies her endearing and innocent charm.

మధురిమ ప్రియతమ (Madhurima Priyatama)

For a wife who is the epitome of sweetness, “మధురిమ ప్రియతమ” meaning “Beloved Sweetheart” perfectly captures her gentle and loving demeanor.

సుమధుర మోహిని (Sumadhura Mohini)

If your wife has a captivating and enchanting personality, “సుమధుర మోహిని” which translates to “Sweet Enchantress” is an ideal nickname to convey her irresistible charm.

ప్రేమ రసాలు (Prema Rasalu)

If your relationship is filled with love and affection, “ప్రేమ రసాలు” meaning “Love Juices” can be a playful nickname that symbolizes the sweet and intoxicating bond you share.

మనసా ప్రేమ పువ్వు (Manasa Prema Puvvu)

For a wife who is the flower of your heart, “మనసా ప్రేమ పువ్వు” meaning “Heart’s Love Flower” is a tender and affectionate nickname that expresses your deep feelings for her.

ప్రేమ పటక (Prema Pataka)

If your wife is a bundle of love and joy, “ప్రేమ పటక” which translates to “Love Firecracker” is a lively and spirited nickname that signifies her vivacious personality.

భార్య నందు (Bharya Nandu)

To acknowledge your wife as the queen of your heart, “భార్య నందు” meaning “Queen of my Life” is a regal and endearing nickname that reflects her importance in your world.

ప్రేమతో పెంచిన భార్య (Premato Pencina Bharya)

If your wife is the embodiment of love and affection, “ప్రేమతో పెంచిన భార్య” which translates to “Wife Loved with Love” is a beautiful way to express your deep adoration for her.

హృదయం పూర్తిగా ప్రేమతో (Hrudayam Purtiga Premato)

To convey that your heart is filled with love for your wife, “హృదయం పూర్తిగా ప్రేమతో” meaning “Heart Full of Love” is a heartfelt and emotive nickname that signifies your deep emotional connection.

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Here’s a table with the wife names in Telugu and their meanings in English:

Wife Names in TeluguMeaning in English
నా ప్రియతమాMy Love
స్వీట్ హార్ట్Sweetheart
కప్ కేక్Cupcake
స్వప్న సుందరిDreamgirl
స్వీటీ పైSweetie Pie
తీపి బటాణిSweet Pea
స్వీట్ హార్ట్Sweetheart
గుండె చప్పుడుHeartbeat
ప్రేమ పురుగుLovebug
టెడ్డీ బేర్Teddy Bear
తేనెతోకూడిన రొట్టెHoney Bun
షుగర్ లిప్స్Sugar Lips
అందమైన పడుచుపిల్ల పైCutie Pie
ఏంజెల్ ఫేస్Angel Face
లవ్వీ డోవీLovey Dovey
తియ్యటి బుగ్గలుSweetcheeks
షుగర్ ప్లంSugar Plum
హనీ బన్నీHoney Bunny
బన్నీని గట్టిగా పట్టుకోండిSnuggle Bunny
చక్కర మిట్టాయిCandy Cane
ప్రేమ మఫిన్Love Muffin
షుగర్ బేర్Sugar Bear
స్వీట్ ఏంజెల్Sweet Angel

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these nicknames only suitable for married couples?

No, these nicknames can be used by anyone in a committed relationship to express love and affection for their partner.

Can I mix and match these nicknames to create a personalized one for my wife?

Absolutely! Feel free to combine elements from different nicknames to create a unique and personalized nickname that perfectly suits your wife.

Can these nicknames be used for girlfriends or fiancées as well?

Yes, these nicknames can be used for girlfriends and fiancées too. They are a beautiful way to express love and strengthen your bond.

How can I pronounce these Telugu nicknames correctly?

If you’re not familiar with the Telugu language, it’s best to ask a native speaker for guidance on pronunciation. They will be able to help you pronounce the nicknames accurately.

Is it necessary to use a nickname for my wife?

Using a nickname for your wife is not mandatory, but it can add a sense of intimacy and closeness to your relationship. It’s a personal choice that depends on what feels right for you and your partner.


Choosing a sweet and meaningful nickname for your wife can enhance the love and affection in your relationship.

The Telugu language offers a plethora of endearing options that beautifully capture her essence.

Whether you opt for a nickname that reflects her sweetness, charm, or loving nature, remember that it’s the thought and love behind it that truly matters.

Embrace the joy of calling her by a special nickname that is unique to your bond.