Mother In Law Meaning In Telugu | అత్తగారు అర్థం + Nicknames

In the rich tapestry of Telugu culture, understanding the role and significance of a mother-in-law, known as “అత్త” (Attha) or “మామియా” (Mamiya), is essential.

These terms are not just mere designations; they embody a deep sense of respect, affection, and familial ties.

This article delves into the various aspects of this relationship, exploring its meaning, pronunciation, and the diverse names and nicknames that are part of Telugu family life.

We will uncover how these terms reflect the cherished bond between a mother-in-law and her extended family.

What Is The Meaning Of Mother In Law In Telugu?

In Telugu, a mother-in-law is referred to as “అత్త” (Attha) or “మామియా” (Mamiya).

These terms embody a deep cultural respect and affection.

The role of a mother-in-law in Telugu families often goes beyond traditional boundaries, representing a figure of care, wisdom, and emotional support.

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Who Is Called Mother-In-Law?

A mother-in-law is the mother of one’s spouse.

This relationship is crucial in Telugu matrimonial bonds, symbolizing the union of two families.

In traditional Telugu society, the mother-in-law is seen as a respected elder, playing a significant role in the extended family.

Who Can Call Mother-In-Law to Someone?

Typically, a person refers to their spouse’s mother as a mother-in-law.

This term becomes relevant post-marriage, indicating the new familial ties.

In Telugu culture, addressing someone as “Attha” or “Mamiya” signifies a relationship based on respect and familial love.

What Is The Pronunciation Of Mother In Law In Telugu?

The pronunciation for “అత్త” is “At-tha,” and for “మామియా” it’s “Ma-mi-ya”.

These pronunciations are steeped in cultural reverence, often used with a respectful tone, highlighting the important role of a mother-in-law in Telugu families.

Names To Call Mother In Law In Telugu

Other respectful names include “పెద్దమ్మ” (Peddamma) or “గౌరవనీయమైన అత్త” (Gauravaneeyamaina Attha), translating to ‘elder mother’.

These terms denote greater respect and closeness within the family.

Name in English (Written In Telugu)Meaning
పెద్దమ్మ (Peddamma)Elder Mother
గౌరవనీయమైన అత్త (Gauravaneeyamaina Attha)Honorable Mother-in-Law
ఆదరణీయ అత్త (Aadaraniya Attha)Esteemed Mother-in-Law
వృద్ధ అత్త (Vriddha Attha)Senior Mother-in-Law
ప్రాంగణ అమ్మ (Pranganamma)Courtyard Mother
సుగుణాల అత్త (Sugunala Attha)Virtuous Mother-in-Law
స్నేహపూర్వక అత్త (Snehapoorvaka Attha)Affectionate Mother-in-Law
ప్రియమైన అత్త (Priyamaina Attha)Beloved Mother-in-Law
మర్యాద అత్త (Maryada Attha)Respectful Mother-in-Law
మాతృవత్ అత్త (Matruvat Attha)Maternal Mother-in-Law

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Cute Nicknames To Call Mother In Law In Telugu

In more affectionate settings, Telugu people might use endearing nicknames like “అమ్మమ్మ” (Ammamma) or “చిన్నమ్మ” (Chinnamma).

These nicknames reflect a loving bond, often used in family gatherings or casual conversations.

Name in English (Written In Telugu)Meaning
అమ్మమ్మ (Ammamma)Grandma
చిన్నమ్మ (Chinnamma)Little Mother
ముద్దుల అత్త (Muddula Attha)Sweet Mother-in-Law
స్నేహశీల అత్త (Snehasila Attha)Friendly Mother-in-Law
ప్రేమల అత్త (Premala Attha)Loving Mother-in-Law
హృదయపూర్వక అత్త (Hridayapoorvaka Attha)Heartfelt Mother-in-Law
బాల్యపు అత్త (Balyapu Attha)Childlike Mother-in-Law
నవ్వుల అత్త (Navvula Attha)Smiling Mother-in-Law
మనోహర అత్త (Manohara Attha)Charming Mother-in-Law
అనురాగపూర్వక అత్త (Anuragapoorvaka Attha)Affectionate Mother-in-Law

Sweet Telugu Names To Call Mother-In-Law

Sweet names like “ప్రియమైన అత్త” (Priyamaina Attha) or “మనసుకు నచ్చిన అత్త” (Manasuku Nachchina Attha) are used, especially by daughters-in-law, to express affection and respect.

These names blend familial warmth with respect.

Name in English (Written In Telugu)Meaning
ప్రియమైన అత్త (Priyamaina Attha)Beloved Mother-in-Law
మనసుకు నచ్చిన అత్త (Manasuku Nachchina Attha)Heartwarming Mother-in-Law
స్నేహపూర్వక అత్త (Snehapoorvaka Attha)Loving Mother-in-Law
ఆత్మీయ అత్త (Aatmeya Attha)Soulful Mother-in-Law
సౌమ్య అత్త (Soumya Attha)Gentle Mother-in-Law
గుణవంతుడు అత్త (Gunavanthudu Attha)Virtuous Mother-in-Law
హృదయవంతుడు అత్త (Hrudayavanthudu Attha)Kind-hearted Mother-in-Law
సౌజన్య అత్త (Soujanya Attha)Courteous Mother-in-Law
ప్రియస్వరూప అత్త (Priyaswaroopa Attha)Dear Mother-in-Law
ప్రేమాలు అత్త (Premalu Attha)Affectionate Mother-in-Law

Funny Telugu Nicknames To Call Mother-In-Law

For a humorous touch, some might opt for nicknames like “నవ్వుల అత్త” (Navvula Attha) or “చలాకీ అత్త” (Chalaki Attha), particularly in a joyful family environment.

These names add humor and intimacy to the relationship.

Name in English (Written In Telugu)Meaning
నవ్వుల అత్త (Navvula Attha)Laughing Mother-in-Law
చలాకీ అత్త (Chalaki Attha)Clever Mother-in-Law
హాస్యప్రియ అత్త (Hasyapriya Attha)Jovial Mother-in-Law
వినోదప్రియ అత్త (Vinodapriya Attha)Fun-loving Mother-in-Law
తమాషా అత్త (Tamasha Attha)Playful Mother-in-Law
చిరునవ్వు అత్త (Chirunavvu Attha)Smiling Mother-in-Law
సరదా అత్త (Sarada Attha)Merry Mother-in-Law
వినోదవంతుడు అత్త (Vinodavanthudu Attha)Entertaining Mother-in-Law
జోకుల అత్త (Jokula Attha)Humorous Mother-in-Law
చమత్కారపు అత్త (Chamatkarapu Attha)Witty Mother-in-Law

Co Mother In Law Meaning In Telugu

The term for co-mother-in-law in Telugu is “సహ అత్త” (Saha Attha).

This term is used when two individuals are mothers-in-law to each other’s children, symbolizing a bond between the two families.

Grand Mother In Law Meaning In Telugu

A grand mother-in-law, or the mother of one’s mother-in-law, is called “పెద్ద అత్త” (Pedda Attha) in Telugu.

This term signifies seniority in the family hierarchy and immense respect within the extended family structure.


In conclusion, the mother-in-law’s role in Telugu culture, signified by terms like “అత్త” (Attha) and “మామియా” (Mamiya), is pivotal in the familial structure.

The relationship is marked by a spectrum of emotions, ranging from deep respect to affectionate camaraderie.

Whether through formal titles or endearing nicknames, the way Telugu people address their mother-in-law mirrors the underlying values of respect, love, and familial harmony.

This exploration into the myriad names for a mother-in-law in Telugu culture showcases the intricacy and warmth of familial bonds in this vibrant culture.