Pari Name Meaning In Telugu | పరి పేరు తెలుగులో అర్థం

MeaningFairy or angel
GenderBoth (Male and Female)
Rashi (Moon Sign)Kumbha (Aquarius)
Nakshatra (Star)Dhanishta
Name Length4 letters
Zodiac SignAquarius
Vowels Count2 (a, i)
Lucky Number1
Lucky ColorSky Blue

The name “Pari” carries a beautiful meaning of fairy or angel and is used for both males and females.

With its roots in Persian, it has a universal appeal and is associated with creativity, adaptability, kindness, and intuition.

The numerology, astrology, and lucky attributes further add depth to the name’s significance.

Pari Name Meaning In Telugu | పరి పేరు తెలుగులో అర్థం

Name: Pari

Meaning: Fairy or angel

Category: Unisex

Gender: Both (Male and Female)

Numerology: 5

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarius)

Nakshatra (Star): Dhanishta

Name Length: 4 letters

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Vowels Count: 2 (a, i)

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Color: Sky Blue

History and Origin: The name “Pari” has its roots in Persian and is widely used in many cultures.

In Persian, it directly translates to “fairy” or “angel,” suggesting a celestial and magical connotation.

The name has traversed cultural boundaries and found popularity in various regions.

Personality Traits:

  • Creativity: Individuals with the name Pari are often associated with a creative and imaginative nature.
  • Adaptability: They tend to be adaptable, able to navigate through different situations with ease.
  • Kindness: Pari-named individuals are often known for their kind and compassionate nature.
  • Intuition: There is a strong intuitive aspect to their personalities, making them perceptive in various aspects of life.

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