Pamela Name Meaning In Telugu | పమేలా పేరు తెలుగులో అర్థం

Meaning:Honeyed or Sweet
Rashi (Moon Sign):Meena (Pisces)
Nakshatra (Star):Revati
Name Length:7 letters
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Vowels Count:3 (a, e, a)
Lucky Number:2
Lucky Color:Light Blue

Pamela is a modern English name with a sweet meaning.

It is associated with qualities of kindness, adaptability, empathy, and creativity.

The name has a rich literary history and continues to be a popular choice for girls.

Individuals with this name are often characterized by their warm and understanding nature.

Pamela Name Meaning In Telugu | పమేలా పేరు తెలుగులో అర్థం

Name: Pamela

Meaning: Honeyed or Sweet

Category: Modern

Gender: Female

Numerology: 9

Rashi (Moon Sign): Meena (Pisces)

Nakshatra (Star): Revati

Name Length: 7 letters

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Vowels Count: 3 (a, e, a)

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Color: Light Blue

History: The name Pamela has English origins and gained popularity in the 16th century.

It was first coined by Sir Philip Sidney in his pastoral romance “Arcadia” and later used by the English poet Sir Philip Sidney in the 16th century.

The name gained more widespread usage in the 18th century after it was used by Sir Samuel Richardson for the heroine of his novel “Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded.”

The name has since become a classic and is used in various cultures worldwide.

Qualities Associated with the Name:

  • Sweet and Kind: The meaning of the name, “Honeyed” or “Sweet,” reflects qualities of kindness and gentleness.
  • Adaptable: Individuals with the name Pamela are often adaptable and can easily adjust to different situations.
  • Empathetic: They tend to be empathetic and understanding, making them good listeners and supportive friends.
  • Creative: There is a creative aspect to individuals with this name, often expressing themselves through artistic pursuits.

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