Ru Re Ro Baby Girl Names In Telugu | రు, రే, రో థా పాప అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

In the rich tapestry of Telugu culture, names are not just identifiers but a blend of tradition, beauty, and deep meaning.

The process of naming a newborn is a thoughtful and significant event in Telugu households, often involving family, astrological insights, and cultural norms.

Lately, there’s been a surge in interest for names starting with ‘Ru Re Ro’ (రు, రే, రో థా పాప అమ్మాయి పేర్లు), thanks to their melodious phonetics and auspicious beginnings.

Ru Re Ro Baby Girl Names In Telugu | రు, రే, రో థా పాప అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

The Telugu alphabet is known for its rhythmic quality, and names starting with ‘Ru’, ‘Re’, and ‘Ro’ (రు, రే, రో థా పాప అమ్మాయి పేర్లు) carry a lyrical elegance that resonates with the cultural love for poetry and music.

These syllables are believed to bring good fortune and are popular among new parents seeking a meaningful name for their baby girl.

‘Ru’ Girl Names and Their Meanings | ‘రు’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

The syllable ‘Ru’ is often associated with softness and grace in Telugu culture.

Names beginning with ‘Ru’ (‘రు’తో మొదలయ్యే పేర్లు) are thought to embody gentleness and are often chosen for their pleasant sound and the positive energy they are believed to attract.

  • Rudra: A name that echoes the strength of the goddess Parvati, signifying power.
  • Rukmini: Drawing from the beloved consort of Lord Krishna, symbolizing devotion.
  • Ruchira: Meaning ‘tasty’ or ‘delicious’, often associated with someone who adds flavor to life.
Ru Baby Girl NamesMeaning
Rudra (రుద్ర)Fierce, a name of Lord Shiva
Rukma (రుక్మ)Radiant, shining
Rukmini (రుక్మిణి)Consort of Lord Krishna
Rupali (రూపాలి)Beautiful, pretty
Ruchira (రుచిర)Tasty, delightful
Ruchitha (రుచిత)Bright, brilliant
Rudrani (రుద్రాణి)Wife of Shiva, Goddess Parvati
Ruhika (రుహిక)Desire, wish
Rujula (రుజుల)Soft, tender
Ruksha (రుక్ష)Beautiful, charming
Rupashri (రూపశ్రీ)Beautiful
Ruchithra (రుచిత్ర)Splendid, bright
Rupasri (రూపశ్రీ)Beautiful
Rupinder (రూపిందర్)Greatest beauty
Ruchita (రుచిత)Splendorous, bright
Rupika (రూపిక)Gold coin, beautiful
Rupal (రూపల్)Made of silver
Ruchula (రుచుల)Tasty
Rupavathi (రూపవతి)Beautiful
Rupini (రూపిణి)Beautiful
Ruchila (రుచిల)Beautiful, tasty
Rupali (రూపాలి)Beautiful, adorned with beauty
Rupavani (రూపవాణి)Beautiful speech
Rupasvi (రూపస్వి)One with beautiful form
Rupitha (రూపిత)Shaped, fashioned

‘Re’ Girl Names and Their Meanings | ‘రీ’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

‘Re’ names are vibrant and often reflect a sense of warmth and radiance in Telugu culture.

These names are chosen for their association with prosperity and brightness, akin to the rising sun in the Telugu heartland.

  • Rekha: Signifying a line or streak, often representing continuity and eternity.
  • Revathi: A star name, also associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • Renuka: The name of a revered goddess, indicative of completeness and motherhood.
Re Baby Girl NamesMeaning
Rekha (రేఖ)Line, artwork
Revathi (రేవతి)Wealth, a star name in astrology
Reethu (రీతు)Season, weather
Reena (రీనా)Gem, joyful
Reethi (రీతి)Method, way
Rekitha (రేకిత)
Reshma (రేష్మ)Silken
Reshmi (రేష్మి)Silky, full of light
Reha (రేహా)Star
Reethika (రీతిక)A small river, stream
Rehanshi (రేహాన్షి)Sweet basil
Reya (రేయా)Queen
Renu (రేణు)Atom, dust, sand
Renuka (రేణుక)Mother of Parasurama
Reshika (రేషిక)Silken thread
Revanshi (రేవాన్షి)
Revati (రేవతి)Prosperity, a star
Reeth (రీత్)Tradition
Reema (రీమా)White antelope
Reeti (రీతి)Method, culture
Rekitha (రేకిత)
Revika (రేవిక)Rhythm, a star
Rehana (రేహనా)Sweet smelling plant
Rehwa (రేహ్వా)Ancient name of river Narmada
Rekshitha (రేక్షిత)Protected

‘Ro’ Girl Names and Their Meanings | ‘రో’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

‘Ro’ names carry a regal air, often associated with grandeur and magnificence in Telugu naming conventions.

These names are imbued with the essence of brightness and exuberance, reminiscent of the grandiosity of Telugu dynasties.

  • Rohini: A star name, symbolizing growth and development.
  • Roma: Meaning ‘lustrous’, associated with beauty and shine.
  • Roshini: Denoting light or brightness, often linked with vibrancy and life.
Ro Baby Girl NamesMeaning
Rohini (రోహిణి)A star name, growth
Roma (రోమ)Lustrous hair
Roshini (రోషిణి)Light, brightness
Roopa (రూపా)Look, beauty
Rosha (రోష)Anger, passion
Rohitha (రోహిత)Red, sun’s red light
Roopika (రూపిక)Beautiful
Roshitha (రోషిత)Illuminated
Roja (రోజా)Rose
Rohita (రోహిత)Brahma’s daughter, a river
Roshan (రోషన్)Brightness, light
Rosalind (రోసలిండ్)Beautiful rose
Rohanika (రోహనిక)Little bright one
Roshma (రోష్మ)Beautiful
Roopashri (రూపశ్రీ)Beautiful
Rohisha (రోహిష)
Roshita (రోషిత)Illuminated
Roopini (రూపిణి)One with beautiful appearance
Roshanara (రోషనారా)Shining light
Rohita (రోహిత)Red, sun’s red light
Roopitha (రూపిత)Beautiful
Roshini (రోషిణి)Light, brightness
Rohana (రోహన)Sandalwood
Roohi (రూహి)Soul, a classical music tune
Roshika (రోషిక)Never-ending, one who gives light


Choosing a name for your baby girl is a delightful yet daunting task.

Names starting with ‘Ru Re Ro’ (‘రు రే రో’తో మొదలయ్యే పేర్లు) offer a blend of cultural richness, phonetic beauty, and a deep connection to Telugu heritage, making them a perfect choice for your little one.