Pe Po Ra Ri Girl Names In Telugu | పే పో రా రి అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

In Telugu culture, astrological beliefs play a pivotal role in naming a newborn.

The ‘Pe Po Ra Ri’ (పే పో రా రి అమ్మాయి పేర్లు) convention is rooted in such astrological systems, where each syllable corresponds to a specific star or Nakshatra under which a child is born.

This tradition underscores the belief that the right name can positively influence a child’s life.

Pe Po Ra Ri Girl Names In Telugu | పే పో రా రి అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

Today, there’s a trend of blending traditional ‘Pe Po Ra Ri’ names (పే పో రా రి అమ్మాయి పేర్లు) with modern sensibilities, creating unique names that respect heritage while embracing contemporary trends.

Religious and mythological stories are a treasure trove for ‘Pe Po Ra Ri’ names.

Names like Radha (a goddess) and Rithu (meaning season) are drawn from these rich narratives, ensuring that the stories and virtues they represent are passed down through generations.

Selecting the perfect name from the ‘Pe Po Ra Ri’ (‘పే పో రా రి’ నుండి సరైన పేరు) category involves considering the meaning, the astrological significance, and the sound of the name.

‘Pe’ Girl Names and Their Meanings | ‘పే’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

‘Pe’ names, like Pernita (meaning complete) and Petula (meaning flower), are chosen for their auspicious meanings.

These names are not just phonetically pleasing but are imbued with wishes for prosperity and happiness.

Pe Baby NamesMeaning
Pelli (పెళ్లి)Marriage
Penu (పేను)Doll
Perini (పేరిణి)A traditional dance form
Petika (పెటిక)Basket
Peyala (పెయల)Phrase
Pechika (పెచిక)Chirping of a bird
Peddamma (పెద్దమ్మ)Respected lady; Aunt
Penchala (పెంచల)Name of a goddess
Penmatsa (పెన్మత్స)Name of a fish; Prosperous
Peramma (పెరమ్మ)Great lady
Pethika (పేతిక)Little box
Pekhila (పేఖిల)Unique
Pemavathi (పేమవతి)Loveable; Goddess Parvati
Penugonda (పేనుగొండ)Name of a place; Strong hill
Peri (పేరి)Plenty; Abundance

‘Po’ Girl Names and Their Significance | ‘పో’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

‘Po’ names such as Poojita (meaning worshipped) and Poshita (meaning nurtured) reflect the virtues of reverence and care.

These names are often chosen to inspire and guide the child’s character.

Po Baby NamesMeaning
Pooja (పూజ)Worship, Prayer
Poojitha (పూజిత)Worshipped
Poornima (పూర్ణిమ)Full Moon
Poornavi (పూర్ణవి)Full of Love
Poshitha (పోషిత)Nourished, Promoted
Pournami (పౌర్ణమి)Full Moon
Povalli (పోవల్లి)The one who is like a flower
Poojita (పూజిత)Respected, Adored
Poosarla (పూసర్ల)The name of a flower
Pothana (పోతన)Ancient Telugu poet
Polamma (పొలమ్మ)Goddess of fields
Poojya (పూజ్య)Respectable
Poomitha (పూమిత)Flowered
Poorvika (పూర్విక)Ancient, Traditional
Poshika (పోషిక)One who gives nourishment

‘Ra’ Girl Names and Their Origins | ‘రా’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

‘Ra’ names, like Rajita (meaning illuminated) and Ranya (meaning queen), have regal connotations.

They are steeped in tradition and often pay homage to the family’s lineage or historical figures.

Ra Baby NamesMeaning
Radha (రాధ)Prosperity, Success
Rajani (రజని)Night
Rajitha (రజిత)Illuminated
Rakshita (రక్షిత)Protected
Ramani (రమణి)Beautiful woman
Ramya (రమ్య)Delightful
Ranjani (రంజని)Pleasing
Rashi (రాశి)Collection, Sign of the zodiac
Rashmi (రశ్మి)A ray of light
Ratna (రత్న)Jewel, Precious stone
Raveena (రవీన)Sunny
Ravali (రావలి)Euphonic
Rayana (రయన)Flow, Sated with drink
Rekha (రేఖ)Line, Artwork
Renuka (రేణుక)Atom, Dust

‘Ri’ Girl Names and Their Meanings | ‘రి’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు

‘Ri’ names such as Rithika (meaning stream) and Rishika (meaning saintly) are popular for their lyrical quality and profound meanings.

They are chosen for their timeless appeal and the depth of character they represent.

Ri Baby NamesMeaning
Rithika (రితిక)Stream, Brass
Rishika (రిషిక)Saintly, Learned
Rishitha (రిషిత)The best, Saintly
Ridhima (రిధిమ)Full of love, Prosperity
Rithvika (రిత్విక)Priest, Guiding to God
Rishma (రిష్మ)Ray of light
Rinku (రింకు)Sweet and short
Ritisha (రితీష)The Goddess of Truth
Riddhi (రిద్ధి)Fortunate, Prosperity
Rihanshi (రిహాన్షి)Cheerful
Rikitha (రికిత)Written
Rinal (రినల్)Eye-catching
Rishona (రిషోన)First rays of the sun
Ritvika (రిత్విక)Joy, Priest, Scholar
Rishita (రిషిత)The best, Saintly


The allure of ‘Pe Po Ra Ri’ girl names in Telugu (‘పే పో రా రి’ అమ్మాయి పేర్లు) lies in their ability to carry forward the legacy of a rich culture.

They are a testament to the language’s beauty and the community’s values, resonating with the past and the present.