Dushala Name Meaning In Telugu |తెలుగులో దుషాల పేరు అర్థం

NameDushala (దుశాల)
MeaningDifficult to conquer
NumerologyNumber 6
Rashi (Zodiac)Vrishabha (Taurus)
Name Length7 letters
Zodiac SignTaurus
Vowels Count3
Lucky Number7
Lucky ColorGreen

Dushala is a beautiful Telugu name with a powerful meaning.

It is associated with strength, resilience, and determination.

The name has its roots in Sanskrit and is well-known in Hindu mythology, particularly from the epic Mahabharata.

People with this name are often characterized by their supportive and nurturing nature.

They possess qualities such as strength, empathy, and perseverance, making them dependable and caring individuals in their personal and professional lives.

Dushala Name Meaning In Telugu |తెలుగులో దుషాల పేరు అర్థం

Name: Dushala (దుశాల)

Meaning: Dushala is a Telugu name derived from the Sanskrit word “Dushala,” which means “difficult to conquer” or “unconquerable.” It signifies strength, resilience, and determination.

Category: Dushala is a feminine name.

Gender: Female

Numerology: According to numerology, the name Dushala corresponds to the number 6. Individuals with this number are known for their nurturing nature, compassion, and harmonious disposition. They possess strong maternal instincts and are often regarded as responsible and caring individuals.

Rashi (Zodiac Sign): Dushala belongs to the zodiac sign Vrishabha (Taurus). People born under this sign are known for their determination, practicality, and reliability. They are often steadfast and have a grounded approach towards life.

Nakshatra: Dushala is associated with the Rohini Nakshatra. Those born under this Nakshatra are usually loving, creative, and possess a charming personality. They strive for stability and are dedicated to their goals.

Name Length: The name Dushala consists of seven letters.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Vowels Count: The name Dushala contains three vowels: “u,” “a,” and “a.”

Lucky Number: The lucky number associated with the name Dushala is 7. This number symbolizes introspection, spiritual awareness, and intellectual pursuits. Individuals with this lucky number are often deep thinkers and seek knowledge and understanding.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for Dushala is green. Green represents growth, fertility, and harmony. It is associated with abundance and balance.

History and Origin: Dushala is a name with ancient roots. It has its origins in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language.

The name is commonly associated with Hindu mythology, specifically with the epic Mahabharata.

In the Mahabharata, Dushala is the only sister of the hundred Kaurava brothers, including the famous Duryodhana.

She is known for her loyalty, strength, and supportive nature.

Personality Traits:

  • Strong-willed: Individuals with the name Dushala tend to possess a strong sense of determination and resilience. They are often able to overcome obstacles and challenges with their unwavering spirit.
  • Supportive: Dushala is known for her supportive and nurturing nature. People with this name are often reliable and dependable, offering assistance and encouragement to those around them.
  • Empathetic: Dushala has a compassionate and empathetic nature. Individuals with this name are known for their ability to understand and relate to the emotions of others, making them excellent listeners and caregivers.
  • Perseverance: Those named Dushala possess a strong sense of perseverance. They are not easily discouraged and are willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve their goals.
  • Protective: Dushala has a protective instinct towards her loved ones. Individuals with this name often prioritize the well-being and safety of their family and friends.

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