Rathnamma Name Meaning In Telugu | రత్నమ్మ పేరు తెలుగులో అర్థం

MeaningJewel-like Mother
CategoryTelugu Name
Rashi (Zodiac Sign)Vrishabha (Taurus)
Name Length9
Vowels Count3
Lucky Number6
Lucky ColorGreen

Individuals named Rathnamma are cherished for their nurturing demeanor, resilience, practicality, and affectionate nature, embodying the essence of their meaningful name.

Rathnamma Name Meaning In Telugu | రత్నమ్మ పేరు తెలుగులో అర్థం

Name: Rathnamma

Meaning: Jewel-like Mother

Category: Telugu Name

Gender: Female

Numerology: 8

Rashi (Zodiac Sign): Vrishabha (Taurus)

Nakshatra: Rohini

Name Length: 9

Vowels Count: 3

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Color: Green

History: Rathnamma is a traditional Telugu name with deep cultural roots.

The name “Rathnamma” is composed of two parts: “Ratna,” meaning jewel, and “Amma,” which translates to mother.

In Telugu culture, naming children after precious objects or qualities is common, reflecting the parents’ aspirations for their child to be as precious as a jewel.

“Amma” is a term of endearment and respect used to refer to mothers, symbolizing the nurturing and caring nature associated with motherhood.


  • Nurturing: Individuals with the name Rathnamma tend to possess nurturing qualities akin to a mother figure. They are caring, compassionate, and often find themselves in caregiving roles.
  • Resilient: Just as jewels withstand pressure and adversity, those named Rathnamma are resilient individuals who can endure challenges with grace and strength.
  • Practical: Being under the influence of the Taurus zodiac sign, Rathnammas are grounded and practical individuals. They approach life with a sensible mindset, focusing on stability and security.
  • Affectionate: Rathnammas are known for their affectionate nature, fostering close bonds with family and friends. They value relationships and prioritize the well-being of their loved ones.

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