Rajeswari Name Meaning In Telugu | తెలుగులో రాజేశ్వరి పేరు యొక్క అర్థం

Meaning:Goddess of Kings
Rashi (Zodiac Sign):Mesh (Aries)
Name Length:9 letters
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Vowels Count:4
Lucky Number:9
Lucky Color:Red

“Rajeswari” is a beautiful and meaningful name with a rich history and cultural significance.

Individuals with this name are associated with qualities that reflect strength, leadership, and grace.

Rajeswari Name Meaning In Telugu | తెలుగులో రాజేశ్వరి పేరు యొక్క అర్థం

Name: Rajeswari

Meaning: Goddess of Kings

Category: Hindu

Gender: Female

Numerology: 1

Rashi (Zodiac Sign): Mesh (Aries)

Nakshatra: Aswini

Name Length: 9 letters

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Vowels Count: 4

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Color: Red

History: The name “Rajeswari” is of Hindu origin and is commonly used in Telugu-speaking communities.

It is derived from the Sanskrit language, where “Raja” means king or royal, and “Iswari” means goddess.

Therefore, “Rajeswari” can be translated to mean “Goddess of Kings” or “Queen of the Gods.”

This name is often chosen for baby girls born into families that appreciate traditional and meaningful names.

Person with this name has qualities like:

  • Leadership: The name suggests qualities associated with leadership and authority.
  • Graceful: Individuals with the name Rajeswari are often graceful and carry themselves with elegance.
  • Determined: They tend to be determined and focused in their pursuits.
  • Charismatic: Possessing charm and charisma, they can attract and influence others.

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