Girl Names Starting With Ta Ti Tu In Telugu | Ta Ti Tu తో పేర్లు

Choosing the perfect name for your little girl is an exciting yet challenging task for many parents.

Telugu names, rich in culture and tradition, offer a beautiful blend of musicality, meaning, and heritage.

Names starting with the syllables ‘Ta’, ‘Ti’, and ‘Tu’ (Ta Ti Tu తో పేర్లు) are especially popular, as they encapsulate the essence of Telugu linguistic charm and depth.

In this article, we explore a curated list of girl names starting with ‘Ta’, ‘Ti’, and ‘Tu’ (‘Ta’, ‘Ti’ మరియు ‘Tu’తో మొదలయ్యే అమ్మాయి పేర్లు), each carrying a unique significance and allure.

Names Starting with ‘Ta’ | ‘Ta’ తో మొదలయ్యే పేర్లు

  1. Tara: Meaning star, Tara signifies guidance, brilliance, and aspiration.
  2. Tanvi: Symbolizing femininity and beauty, Tanvi is a popular choice for many.
  3. Tanya: Often interpreted as “of the family,” Tanya represents closeness and warmth.
  4. Tahira: This name means pure and chaste, a virtue held in high esteem.
  5. Tamira: A rare name meaning magic or spice, adding an exotic touch.
Tanya (తన్య)Of the family
Tanvi (తన్వి)Delicate
Tara (తార)Star
Taruni (తరుణి)Young girl
Tavishi (తవిషి)Courage
Tanisha (తనిషా)Ambition
Tanmayi (తన్మయి)Absorbed
Tanya (తాన్యా)Fairy queen
Tarika (తారిక)Starlet
Tavisha (తవిష)Heaven
Talika (తాలిక)A bird
Tamira (తమీర)Magic
Tahira (తహిరా)Pure
Tamasa (తమస)A river; darkness
Taneesha (తనీషా)Fairy queen
Tapasya (తపస్య)Meditation
Tapti (తాప్తీ)A river name
Tarjani (తర్జని)The first finger
Taruni (తరుణి)Young girl
Tasha (తశ)Birth
Tejasvi (తేజస్వి)Radiant
Tanushri (తనుశ్రీ)Beautiful
Tavishka (తవిష్క)Courageous
Teertha (తీర్థ)Holy place
Tilottama (తిలోత్తమ)A celestial maiden

Names Starting with ‘Ti’ | ‘Ti’తో మొదలయ్యే పేర్లు

  1. Tisha: Signifying happiness and cheer, Tisha brings a smile to everyone’s face.
  2. Tithi: A name that stands for date in the lunar calendar, symbolizing time and eternity.
  3. Tina: Short and sweet, Tina means river, encapsulating the flow and grace of life.
  4. Tilaka: Meaning a kind of forehead decoration, Tilaka signifies tradition and beauty.
  5. Titiksha: Symbolizing patience and endurance, Titiksha is a name for the strong-hearted.
Tithi (తిథి)Date
Tina (తినా)River
Tista (తిస్తా)Tributary of Ganga in India
Tisya (తిస్యా)Auspicious
Tilaka (తిలక)A kind of forehead decoration
Tithira (తిథిరా)Bird
Tinkal (తింకల)Moonlight
Titiksha (తితిక్ష)Forgiveness, patience
Tivra (తివ్ర)Intense
Tiyasa (తియాసా)Thirsty for knowledge
Tisha (తిషా)Happiness
Tishya (తిష్య)Auspicious symbol
Tithika (తిథిక)Fire
Timita (తిమిత)Calmness
Tilottama (తిలోత్తమ)A celestial maiden
Timira (తిమిర)Darkness
Tirtha (తీర్థ)Sacred water
Tishika (తిషిక)Joyful
Tijil (తిజిల)Moon
Tirna (తీర్ణ)Cleared
Tishta (తిష్ట)Standing still, stationary
Titira (తితిర)A bird
Tiyasa (తియస)Silver
Tivarna (తివర్న)Colored
Tira (తిరా)Arrow

Names Starting with ‘Tu’ | ‘Tu’తో మొదలయ్యే పేర్లు

  1. Tulasi: Named after the sacred basil, Tulasi is synonymous with purity and divine grace.
  2. Tuhina: Meaning dewdrop, Tuhina signifies freshness and a new beginning.
  3. Tulika: This name means brush, symbolizing artistic talent and creativity.
  4. Tushara: Meaning frost or snow, Tushara represents coolness and calmness.
  5. Tusti: Signifying satisfaction and peace, Tusti is a name that brings contentment.
Tulasi (తులసి)Sacred plant
Tuhina (తుహిన)Dewdrop
Tulika (తూలిక)Brush
Tushara (తుషార)Frost
Tusti (తుష్టి)Satisfaction
Tulya (తుల్య)Equal, comparable
Tuhita (తుహిత)Excited
Tunita (తునిత)Efficient
Tura (తురా)Brave
Turvi (తుర్వి)Superior
Tuvija (తువిజ)Strong, energetic
Tushita (తుషిత)Satisfied
Tutti (తుత్తి)Melody
Turanya (తురన్య)Swift
Turvi (తుర్వి)Superior
Tusharkana (తుషార్కన)A particle of snow
Tushiti (తుషితి)Happiness, satisfaction
Turanya (తురన్య)Swift
Tushnika (తుష్నిక)Snow drop
Tuviksha (తువిక్ష)Bright, sharp
Tulya (తుల్య)Comparable, equal
Tushina (తుషినా)A great princess
Tuvira (తువిరా)Strong, powerful
Tumul (తుముల)Musical sound
Turvashini (తుర్వశిని)Beautiful

Why Choose a Telugu Name Starting with Ta, Ti, or Tu?

Opting for a name that starts with ‘Ta’, ‘Ti’, or ‘Tu’ not only connects your daughter to her Telugu roots but also gives her a name that stands out for its meaning and musicality.

These syllables offer a wide range of options, from traditional to more modern and unique names, allowing parents to choose a name that resonates with their hopes and dreams for their daughter.


Choosing a name from the rich tapestry of Telugu culture ensures that your daughter carries a piece of this heritage with her.

The names starting with ‘Ta’, ‘Ti’, and ‘Tu’ (Ta Ti Tu తో పేర్లు) offer a diverse palette of meanings, sounds, and sentiments.

They blend tradition with the aspirations of a new generation, making them perfect for your little girl.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic beauty of ‘Tara’ or the unique charm of ‘Tusti’, each name has the potential to be a beautiful part of your daughter’s identity.

As you embark on the journey of naming your child, consider these Telugu gems that start with ‘Ta’, ‘Ti’, and ‘Tu’ to give her a name filled with culture, tradition, and timeless beauty.